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This month 3 News launched a new advertising campaign that incorporates its existing “Leading News Journalism” tagline.

The campaign aims to promote their news coverage throughout the day, beginning with 3 News: Firstline at 6am and ending with Nightline and Sports Tonight at around 11:30pm.

The new look can currently be seen on billboards around the country.

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Samantha Hayes has returned to New Zealand for her stint as Rachel Smalley’s temporary replacement on TV3’s Firstline.

The popular reporter, who is now the network’s Australian correspondent, will fill in while Smalley is away in Afghanistan for two weeks on a special report.

TV3’s publicity manager Rachel Lorimer confirmed that Hayes’ anchor role on Firstline will not be permanent and that she will definitely return to Sydney once Smalley returns.

“She has a fantastic history as an anchor but at the moment she’s really enjoying being the foreign correspondent in Sydney and she will continue there for a while,” Lorimer said.

Hayes will finish up on Firstline on June 17.

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Independent data detailing what news and current affairs programmes people chose to watch in May shows TV ONE won in every category and each programme significantly outrated its counterpart from TV3 or MTS.

The main game is in prime time and that’s where TV ONE had the biggest leads.  ONE News had an average of 700-thousand viewers a night in May; 3 News’ average audience was half that size with only 370-thousand watching per night.

Not only did ONE News have almost double the audience of 3 News but Close Up’s audience was double that of Campbell Live’s and Sunday’s was almost double that of 60 Minutes. 

ONE News at Midday had five times as many viewers as 3 News at 12.  Q+A’s audience was four times the size of The Nation’s.  Marae Investigates had three times as many viewers as Native Affairs.  Te Karere 4:30pm bulletin had an average audience 11 times the size of MTS’ prime time show Te Kaea.

Fair Go picked up on average an extra 75,000 viewers per episode in May (from April) and maintained a substantial lead over Target.  Tonight beat Nightline by an average of 50,000 viewers per night.

Breakfast’s average audience was almost four times the size of Firstline. 

On average 439,700 people tuned into Breakfast each morning over the last four weeks (reach/cume) and they watched for an average of 45 minutes per morning. 

“Average viewing time of 45 minutes in the morning is a really great result,” said TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery.

“That’s a very long time to be engaged with television in the morning and about the same amount of time people spend listening to radio including commuting time each morning.

“It tells me that Breakfast viewers are enjoying the broad mix of content they’re getting.

“The Breakfast team continues to be very focused on delivering what the viewers want – it continues to be a very popular and successful show.”

In contrast Firstline had less than 200-thousand tuning in across the morning (178,000 reach/cume) and their viewers watched on average for 29 minutes.


*Please note on the graph above the “average number of viewers tuning in each day” is a reach or cume audience figure.

3 News’ Rachel Smalley will head to Afghanistan for around ten days to report on the state of the worn-torn country.

Smalley, who is the host of TV3’s new morning show 3News Firstline, will retutn to the country where she had previously worked as a freelancer in 2008.

I’m still working through the logistics of it all and it feels like it’s been months in the planning, but we’ll probably be on the ground for around 10 days or so,” Smalley said. “A lot has changed since I was there. George Bush has gone, bin Laden’s dead and so I think the war’s focus is about to change. I think pretty soon America will start talking about a phased withdrawal.”

Smalley will be replaced by Sam Hayes on Firstline while she is away.

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TV3 appears to be happy with the perfomance of its new morning news show Firstline, sending through this press release today.

Firstline has shown strong growth since its first show on Monday, and is already making steady inroads into TV ONE’s Breakfast audience.

After the first four days, Firstline ended on a very promising 12.2% average share in the 25-54 demographic.

Audience reach figures are also strong. After four days on air, over 318,000 people aged 5+ had tuned in to view Firstline.

However, Breakfast share figures in the all important 25-54 demographic have showed a significant decrease since TV3 first went to air with a morning bulletin.

For the four weeks prior to 3 News going to air, Breakfast’s share has decreased by 7.7% in the 25-54 demographic.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says these early numbers are incredibly encouraging.

“It’s clear that Firstline is offering an alternative and we feel very comfortable with going down the serious news, no fluff route,” he comments. “Viewer feedback and the positive talk online shows us that viewers are as confident as we have always been in Firstline.”

Rachel Smalley will present 3 News: Firstline, which will remain on air permanently from tomorrow, Monday March 7. Smalley will bring viewers the bulletins every weekday morning from 6.00am-8.30am.

3 News first went to air with a morning bulletin on Wednesday February 23,  a day after the devastating quake hit Christchurch, and has continued to keep New Zealanders informed and up-to-date ever since.

With plans already in place to launch an early morning news service in April, the decision was made to stay on air.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says he believes there is a demand for a serious, no frills, early morning news programme.

“Firstline will concentrate on the important stories that happened overnight and what is likely to make news in the day ahead,” he says. “When major stories break the programme will have the resources and journalist fire power to provide major coverage.”

Senior reporters from 3 News will file for the programme and provide context and analysis of major issues, and our correspondents in London and Sydney will be regular contributors.

Jennings adds: “Rachel Smalley will bring considerable journalist clout to the anchor’s role.  She is a talented interviewer and reporter, who has covered many big international and domestic stories for us. Since returning from London she has made her mark as the host of Nightline. She is the perfect combination of warmth and authority.” 

Mediaworks TV Chief Executive, Jason Paris says this demonstrates our ongoing commitment to news and current affairs and the strength of our team of journalists at TV3.

“Many New Zealanders don’t have a lot of time in the morning. There won’t be any coffee mugs on the anchors desk or stories about how to look after your pets. We want this to be a show for serious news viewers who have limited time in the morning but want to be fully informed.”

Sacha McNeil will replace Rachel Smalley as the new Nightline presenter from tomorrow.