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3-news3 News lead tonight with revelations that political hopeful, Kim Dotcom, owns a signed copy of Mein Kampf, the autobiographical manifesto written by Adolf Hitler.

However, Dotcom claims that he doesn’t subscribe to Nazi ideology and owns no other Nazi memorabilia.

“Let me make absolutely clear, OK. I’m not buying into the Nazi ideology. I’m totally against what the Nazis did.” Dotcom told TV3′s Brooke Sabin.

Last week, Dotcom had a gag order issued by the High Court against his former bodyguard Wayne Tempero who has spent the last few years by his side 24/7. Continue reading »

3-newsIt’s election year!  Prepare yourself, it’s probably going to be a long one.  Remember though, it’s a three way race.  In one corner we have the left.  In the other corner we have the right.  And in another corner, we have the media.  Everyone wants to win.

3 news to release first major OPINION poll of 2014 – 6PM SUNDAY

The first major opinion poll of the election year will be out on Sunday, and it suggests the 2014 general election will be one of the most closely fought in New Zealand history. Continue reading »

sashaFirstline starts its 2014 season this Monday with new hosts Sacha McNeil and Michael Wilson, and a new (temporary) location. TV3’s early morning rolling news programme is holding on to some of that summer feeling, broadcasting from the Auckland waterfront for the first week (Monday 20 – Friday 24 January).

Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry are also back in the 3 News studio at 6pm this Monday, while current affairs programmes Campbell Live and The Paul Henry Show launch a week later on Monday 27 January. Continue reading »

A set change aye TV3? I knew something was up.



Firstline and 3 news at 12 return back on Monday the 20th of Jan – Sacha McNeil and Michael Wilson front the morning news show for 2014. At present, a 3 news special is airing at 10:30pm weeknights where the Paul Henry show will eventually takeover on the 3rd of February -

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3-newsThere are plenty of times when we joke that many of the stories that make the mainstream media news may very well have been written by children but that’s exactly who 3 News are looking for through their Junior Reporter competition for 8-13 year olds.

TV Guide and 3 News have joined forces to launch a Junior Reporter writing competition open to 8-13 year-olds.

By submitting an original news report about an event or person in their community, along with an original photograph, the aspiring reporters could see their work published at 3News.co.nz and in TV Guide Magazine – and win a family trip to Auckland including a visit to the TV3 newsroom, afternoon tea with 3 News anchors Mike McRoberts and Hilary Barry, and VIP tickets to Coca Cola Christmas in the Park. Continue reading »

Last Friday, both 7 Days and Jono and Ben at Ten returned to TV3′s Friday night comedy lineup.  When the ratings came out on Saturday I noticed that 7 Days had beaten 3 News in the ratings and I immediately assumed that it was due to the Home and Away/5:30pm lead in changes.  I was wrong.  As it turns out, 7 Days has regularly beaten 3 News in the ratings on Fridays.

The two “news” shows have average audiences for Fridays that are pretty close.  Since 2010, 7 Days has had an average audience of 291,000 viewers per episode while 3 News has had 308,000.

When it comes to ratings wins, 7 Days has rated higher 39% of the time compared to 3 News on Friday. Continue reading »

On Friday, the New Zealand Herald’s John Drinnan published a story that claimed 3News was only down 2% in the ratings.  The actual numbers we see have this at closer to 20% so we asked for some clarification.

He replied:


I have better things to do with my time than correct a paid professional’s poor reporting but since no one seems to do any fact checking over at the Herald…

Drinnan writes:

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Someone has been defacing TV3′s 3 News billboards


home-and-awayTV2 built the audience further for Home and Away last week, lifting the average audience since the transition from TV3 by a further 2% this week to 285,756 viewers per episode.  This is an overall 11% increase in Home and Away viewers on TV2 compared to the 258,587 viewers per episode that TV3 had in the three weeks prior to the the change.

The average audience for 3News fell again this week, down to 257,818 viewers per bulletin.  This means that the 3News audience is now 20% lower than it was before TVNZ snuck off with one of Mediaworks’ prized shows.

The 5:30pm timeslot for TV3 continued to depress with Friday seeing Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals slumping to it’s lowest rating so far.  With only 28,440 viewers, it surely must be moments before TV3 decide they need something else there.  (Can anyone say The Simpsons?) Continue reading »