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3 NewsIn July of 2013, in the midst of a receivership, TV3 lost the Australian soap Home and Away as its lead in to 3 News. Home and Away had been long credited as setting up TV3’s nightly schedule with the audience that it delivered at 5:30pm sticking around for the rest of the evening.

In Home and Away’s absence, the first few weeks saw the average audience for the 5:30pm timeslot drop by more than three quarters. The flow on effect, however, wasn’t as significant with the average audience of 3 News down only 19%.

While 3 News had been impacted by the loss of Home and Away, Campbell Live was delivering audience levels that were 18% higher than its news bulletin lead in, a boost in part off the back of TVNZ’s initial attempt at rejuvenating their own 7pm time slot with Seven Sharp. Continue reading »

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The average audience for TV3’s late news show Newsworthy was up 6% last week to 74,564 viewers per night, the highest weekly average the show has had since it began. The show has been dogged with poor ratings. Monday night’s show drew a little over 35,000 viewers but it was Friday’s show that was the highlight of the week.

Friday’s average audience of 146,300 viewers wasn’t only the best night that Newsworthy has ever had, it beat 3 News at 6pm which only had an average audience of 142,810 viewers.

newsworthy-tonight-ratings-week-26 Continue reading »

Following the sudden death today of former All Black Jonah Lomu, ONE News and 3 News will broadcast news specials this afternoon.

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Due to the All Blacks homecoming celebrations in Auckland today, there have been some alterations to this afternoon’s television schedules.

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Yesterday afternoon, Mediaworks released a report which talked up what they perceived to be their ratings successes of the past week. Most people saw it for what it was but TVNZ’s Graeme Muir, Editor of Content, made this comment:

This is a bit like putting out a release that we’re nailing it in Household Shoppers with One Dog and Three Kids over 65. I’m pretty sure last time I checked 18-39 was TV2’s commercial demo, not TV3’s. But let’s entertain them for a minute about ‘double the audience’, with the rider that overnights never tell you very much. (If
they did, how can they explain away their Friday audience, which was a third down on their winning Thursday? You can see how meaningless the exercise is). Continue reading »

MediaworksThis media release has just arrived from Mediaworks:

3 News ratings have seen steady growth across the week in the 18-39 demographic; with Thursday’s ratings double that of Monday.

Thursday also saw MediaWorks’ new 7pm current affairs show Story out rate its TVNZ competitor in the 18 -39 demographic. Continue reading »

Looks like someone needs to call Bill Ralston or Brian Edwards for some media training.

ACT Party leader David Seymour made a bit of a cock-up when talking about the Red Peak flag this afternoon…

Posted by 3 News on Monday, September 14, 2015

duncangarnerThere is much to be said about TV3 at the moment but I will limit myself to the latest raft of changes that were announced this afternoon.

Firstly, it was only a few months ago that TV3 shortened their Sunday night news hour to 30 minutes to make way for a revamped and rebranded current affairs program 3D. The pairing of Mediaworks poster boy, Duncan Garner, and co-host Samantha Hayes, didn’t gel when the two were on screen on Wednesdays so it is little wonder that a move to Sunday’s also hasn’t worked.

Mediaworks have gone on to give their Radio Live Drive host four nights a week as the replacement for John Campbell on Story. I’ve already mentioned why Garner was the wrong choice and so far, the ratings have failed to prove me wrong. Continue reading »

3 News3News Political Editor Patrick Gower says the poll will clearly show whether Labour’s move worked.

“Labour is hoping for a pivotal moment like Orewa was for Don Brash. This poll result is clear on whether Labour’s tactics have paid off.” Continue reading »

After yesterday’s post that took a look at the post Campbell Live landscape, I began looking at the figures for 3 News. As it had turned out, Prime News had drawn a larger average audience than 3 News had on Sunday night which had set the excitement bells ringing at the New Zealand Herald.

3news-heraldThe lead story yesterday afternoon claimed that 3 News had lost nearly half of its audience in two weeks.

This figure had been cherry picked to be the worst possible as if they had compared the numbers from the preceding week in which the so-called boycott had begun, the drop would have been far less dramatic. Continue reading »