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“I’ve definitely got the feeling I’m being watched…”

— Mike McRoberts’ intro to the GCSB select committee hearing story featuring Kim Dotcom.

tv3logo_1Ingrid Hipkiss will take over from Mike Hall as the main weather presenter for 3 News.

Mike’s final day on air will be Friday 3 May. He will continue to freelance for TV3, and will work on the weather desk as a consultant during a full handover developing further weather features.

Paul Maher, Chief Executive MediaWorks TV says: “Mike has done a great job over the past seven years, introducing numerous innovations to the 3 News weather product as both a presenter and producer. We thank him for all his hard work.

“Ingrid will bring a fresh perspective, and a fantastic skill set to what is a key part of the 3 News’ bulletin.” Continue reading »

One month of Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live ratings data

TVNZ made it quite clear from the outset that despite the initial ratings snapshots for Seven Sharp “it was still too early to draw conclusions on how the show was tracking” but they’re “very happy with the way the new show is bedding in, but wouldn’t expect to have any firm idea of the trends for another month or so.”

Now that we have a month’s worth of data, we asked TVNZ to comment on how they feel Seven Sharp is performing. A spokesperson for the network told us:

“TVNZ is upbeat about Seven Sharp’s performance so far and we’re pleased with how the show is bedding in.

Seven Sharp is the most popular nightly current affairs show with all New Zealanders. Since it launched last month Seven Sharp has performed ahead of Campbell Live in terms of ratings and audience share for the 5+ TV audience.

There’s growing interest in the show and we’ve got a great base to build on.” Continue reading »

I don’t expect the media to get too excited about last night’s ratings as they’re too busy excitedly predicting the demise of Seven Sharp. Let’s look at the numbers though.

Campbell Live dropped almost a third of its audience last night on Tuesday, delivering TV3 their lowest ratings since TV One launched Seven Sharp.  The 31% fall isn’t too distant from Seven Sharp‘s biggest daily drop of 35%.

Looking at the current graphic, you could come to the conclusion that viewers were switching from Seven Sharp to Campbell Live after the first week but since then, Campbell Live doesn’t appear to have managed to maintain the audience.   Continue reading »

There were three significant things noticeable from last night’s ratings.  Seven Sharp slumped to an all time low with an average audience of 234,980 viewers.  This is 55,730 viewers less that the previous low point.

Seven Sharp also lost the largest percentage of viewers from One News, with 55% of the audience switching off or changing channels.

Campbell Live beat Seven Sharp for only the second time ever with 285,910 – a difference of 50,930.  Last night’s show was also the fourth most watched program of the day and increased it’s average audience numbers by 5% over the lead in provided by 3 News.


After two weeks, the numbers are not trending the way TVNZ would be wanting.

Seven Sharp’s ratings rose again (excuse the pun) last night to 362,610 while Campbell Live dropped back to 299,410.  Seven Sharp also manage to retain slightly more of the One News audience that it has been losing but still a concerning 37%.  Campbell Live again managed to retain 99% of the lead in from 3 News.


BestontheBoxlogoWe may no longer have the NZ Television Awards to celebrate but at least we can still find out whether Ali Mau is hotter than Rachel Hunter.

The nominees for the TV Guide’s Best on the Box awards have been announced and voting is now open.

So if you really want Mark Richardson to take home the ‘Sexiest Man’ award then we suggest you head over to bestonthebox.co.nz and get your vote in.

Of course, there are some genuinely interesting categories in the awards, such as ‘Best News’, ‘Best Drama Series’ and ‘Best Current Affairs’ (although Seven Sharp was too late to make the list). Continue reading »

Last night saw Seven Sharp slump to its lowest ratings yet, losing 105,440 viewers from its average audience on Monday down to 290,710.  Campbell Live picked up 50,700 to give it an impressive average audience of 56,140 more viewers than TV One’s new current affairs show.

Here is the trending graphic:


Seven Sharp again lost 50% of One News’ audience while Campbell Live only lost 8% of 3 News lead in.

RadioLive’s new Drive show begins on Monday 3 December, with Duncan Garner as host of the 3pm-6pm programme.

The face of 3 News’ political reporting for nearly ten years, Duncan is trading in the halls of parliament for the RadioLive studio. His new show will mix current affairs and breaking news with a range of entertaining and popular features, including the latest in food, wine, gardening, music, and film.

Garner’s infectious energy and enthusiasm, combined with a razor sharp intellect and the ability to get to the bottom of every story, means weekday afternoons are guaranteed to entertain and inform. Continue reading »

Both TV One and TV3 broadcast coverage of The Hobbit premiere in Wellington yesterday.  TV One’s broadcast began at 4:30pm while TV3’s began at 4:00pm.

Here are their average audiences:

TV One: 164,780
TV3: 149,300

One News: 603,100
3 News: 304,160

Close Up: 478,860
Campbell Live: 208,200