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tv3logo_1This is an interesting poll but I have a few questions.  Were those polled just Labour party members?  If not, were those polled voters who would be voting for Labour at the next election?  Or did it include National party voters who have their own agenda?  I hope this information is disclosed.

3 News will tonight broadcast a special poll on the Labour leadership contest – the first since the three candidates were announced two weeks ago.

Conducted by Research Now, the 3 News poll sampled 500 voters from around the country, asking them to name their preferred Labour leader from contenders David Cunliffe, Grant Robertson and Shane Jones, who have been on a nationwide road show stating their case.

3 News Political Editor Patrick Gower says: “This is the first time we get to see what the public think of Cunliffe, Robertson and Jones. There is a shock result that will make one candidate very happy – and of course, that means another will be very disappointed.” Continue reading »

With two weeks of ratings data, we’ve taken a look at how Home and Away’s move from TV3 to TV2 has impacted the ratings.  Initially it hadn’t looked too bad for TV3 with the first night seemingly not really having much of an impact at all.  However, as we know, it is the trend over time that is important.

Firstly let’s take a look at what has happened with Home and Away.  In the two weeks prior to shifting to TV2, TV3 had an average of 255,008 viewers per episode for the Australian soap.  With the channel change, TV2 have managed to increase the audience by 15% with an average of 293,740 viewers tuning in.

Replacing HAA at 5:30pm was Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.  Remembering that the two weeks prior to the changes, TV3 were enjoying a lead in to 3 News of 255,008 viewers on average, the new cooking show has been an enormous step backward with the average audience for each episode being a miserly 59,816 viewers, a rather significant 76% drop. Continue reading »

TV3’s new 5:30pm lead in for 3 News, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, is not off to a good start.  Opening with an average audience of 78,460 viewers on Monday night, Tuesday saw almost a quarter being shed to 60,830.

3 News had a 16% drop on Monday with 284,790, and 22% on last Tuesday.

Home and Away picked up 340,020 viewers for TV2, again well higher compared to how the show was rating on TV3.

Last night saw Home and Away return to TV2.  The much loved Australian drama had regularly been touted by those at TV3, who had been screening the show up until Friday when their rights came to an end, as the lead in that delivered a strong 25-54 audience to 3 News.  I’ve never believed this argument.

The move to TV2 was certainly good for the show.  With the third highest ratings of the night for the channel, the average audience of 352,670 was the highest rating episode since the 28th of June, 2010.  This bodes very well for TVNZ.

TV3’s replacement at 5:30pm though did not perform so well.  Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals drew an average audience of only 78,460.

In comparison, last Monday saw Home and Away draw an average audience of 254,990 for TV3, meaning a loss of 176,530 viewers.

So how did this rather significant loss of such an apparently important lead in to 3 News impact on the 6pm ratings?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading »


“I’ve definitely got the feeling I’m being watched…”

— Mike McRoberts’ intro to the GCSB select committee hearing story featuring Kim Dotcom.

tv3logo_1Ingrid Hipkiss will take over from Mike Hall as the main weather presenter for 3 News.

Mike’s final day on air will be Friday 3 May. He will continue to freelance for TV3, and will work on the weather desk as a consultant during a full handover developing further weather features.

Paul Maher, Chief Executive MediaWorks TV says: “Mike has done a great job over the past seven years, introducing numerous innovations to the 3 News weather product as both a presenter and producer. We thank him for all his hard work.

“Ingrid will bring a fresh perspective, and a fantastic skill set to what is a key part of the 3 News’ bulletin.” Continue reading »

One month of Seven Sharp vs Campbell Live ratings data

TVNZ made it quite clear from the outset that despite the initial ratings snapshots for Seven Sharp “it was still too early to draw conclusions on how the show was tracking” but they’re “very happy with the way the new show is bedding in, but wouldn’t expect to have any firm idea of the trends for another month or so.”

Now that we have a month’s worth of data, we asked TVNZ to comment on how they feel Seven Sharp is performing. A spokesperson for the network told us:

“TVNZ is upbeat about Seven Sharp’s performance so far and we’re pleased with how the show is bedding in.

Seven Sharp is the most popular nightly current affairs show with all New Zealanders. Since it launched last month Seven Sharp has performed ahead of Campbell Live in terms of ratings and audience share for the 5+ TV audience.

There’s growing interest in the show and we’ve got a great base to build on.” Continue reading »

I don’t expect the media to get too excited about last night’s ratings as they’re too busy excitedly predicting the demise of Seven Sharp. Let’s look at the numbers though.

Campbell Live dropped almost a third of its audience last night on Tuesday, delivering TV3 their lowest ratings since TV One launched Seven Sharp.  The 31% fall isn’t too distant from Seven Sharp‘s biggest daily drop of 35%.

Looking at the current graphic, you could come to the conclusion that viewers were switching from Seven Sharp to Campbell Live after the first week but since then, Campbell Live doesn’t appear to have managed to maintain the audience.   Continue reading »

There were three significant things noticeable from last night’s ratings.  Seven Sharp slumped to an all time low with an average audience of 234,980 viewers.  This is 55,730 viewers less that the previous low point.

Seven Sharp also lost the largest percentage of viewers from One News, with 55% of the audience switching off or changing channels.

Campbell Live beat Seven Sharp for only the second time ever with 285,910 – a difference of 50,930.  Last night’s show was also the fourth most watched program of the day and increased it’s average audience numbers by 5% over the lead in provided by 3 News.


After two weeks, the numbers are not trending the way TVNZ would be wanting.

Seven Sharp’s ratings rose again (excuse the pun) last night to 362,610 while Campbell Live dropped back to 299,410.  Seven Sharp also manage to retain slightly more of the One News audience that it has been losing but still a concerning 37%.  Campbell Live again managed to retain 99% of the lead in from 3 News.