30 Rock

30 Rock actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is in intensive care after the limo he was riding in was involved in a six car crash overnight. Continue reading »

24-jack-bauerSutherland still keen for 24 movie

Kiefer Sutherland has said he is still keen to do a 24 movie. He said recently: “I want to make the 24 movie as long as I can run – and last week I figured out I still could.”

Production begins on new war drama

Production has started on the new Vietnam War drama from Spartacus executive producer Robert Tapert. Airborne is described as a coming-of-age story based around the lives of young helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War. Continue reading »

30RockB&JUS ice cream chain Ben & Jerry’s have released their 30 Rock inspired flavour to commemorate the series finale this week.

Ben & Jerry’s Greek Yogurt: Liz Lemon, named after Tina Fey’s character in the comedy, will go on sale in a few months’ time in the States.

The special edition is a lemon-flavoured frozen yoghurt with a blueberry swirl.


30 Rock

9:30pm – Monday, January 28 on FOUR

Florence Henderson, Gayle King and Kermit the Frog all guest star in 30 Rock, continuing it’s latest, and final, season on Monday, January 28 th at 9:30pm on FOUR. This week’s 30 Rock sees Broadway legend, Elaine Stritch return in her recurring role as Jack Donaghy’s (Alec Baldwin’s) mother – and along with her comes another pair of legends: Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch) and Kermit the Frog. And if that isn’t enough, there is also a very special cameo by Gayle (Oprah’s BFF) King! Make sure not to miss all this when 30 Rock screens on Monday, January 28 th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

Hayek retuning to 30 Rock

Selma Hayek will return to 30 Rock for an episode of the show this month. The actress will return as Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) former partner Elisa.

Walsh joins Castle

Castle has acquired the services of former Nip/Tuck actor Dylan Walsh. He will play an FBI agent in two episodes of the show. Continue reading »

Homeland and Modern Family lead SAG Awards nominations

Homeland and Modern Family have dominated the drama and comedy categories for the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Both Damian Lewis and Claire Danes were nominated for individual awards for Homeland while Modern Family received four nods in the comedy categories.

Ice-T confirms 30 Rock role

Ice-T has confirmed that he will be appearing in the 30 Rock series final, posting aphoto of his dressing room door sign on Twitter and saying: “Shooting a scene for the final episode of 30ROCK.” Continue reading »


30 Rock

9:30pm – Tuesday, December 4 on FOUR

It’s the beginning of the end of TGS as 30 Rock kicks off its seventh and final season on Tuesday, December 4 th at 9:30pm on FOUR. “It is very bittersweet,” series star, Jane Krakowski explains about the series ending its seven-year run. “I think it’s going to be very hard to hear, ‘that is a series wrap’ for all of us. I think we are all very aware this is as good as it gets.” After seven years, some cast members, like Katrina Bowden, have literally grown into adulthood on the show.

“I’m just going to miss my family on 30 Rock. I was 17 when I started,” Bowden explains. “Every learning experience has been partly because of this show. It’s definitely something I will never forget.”

As for series star and creator, Tina Fey, she says: “The thing I know for sure that I’m the most proud of having done over the past seven years is keeping 200 people or more employed doing TV in New York City.”

“Our crew has mostly stayed together. That’s the biggest deal, that we’ve all had a job every day.” 30 Rock enters its final, seventh season on Tuesday, December 4 th at 9:30pm on FOUR.


30 Rock

8:00pm – Tuesday, November 20 on FOUR

This week sees Elizabeth Banks (The 40-Year-Old Virgin), who plays the wife of Jack (Alec Baldwin), reprising her role as Avery Jessup when the series continues its latest season on Tuesday, November 20 th at 9:30pm on FOUR. Banks last appeared on 30 Rock when, after giving birth to her and Jack’s daughter, Avery was kidnapped by Kim Jong-Il (Margaret Cho) while on assignment in North Korea and then forced to marry his son, Kim Jong-un.

Now, after spending more than a year in the dictatorship state, Avery returns! Make sure not to miss this when 30 Rock screens on Tuesday, November 20 th at 9:30pm on FOUR.


30 Rock

9:30pm – Tuesday, November 27 on FOUR

Jack (Alec Baldwin) and Avery (Elizabeth Banks) plan to renew their wedding vows in this week’s unmissable 30 Rock season finale, screening on Tuesday, November 27 th at 9:30pm on FOUR.

Determined to prove his marriage has survived Avery’s kidnapping unscathed, this week sees Jack ask Liz (Tina Fey) to officiate their vow renewal!

Meanwhile, Criss (James Marsden) tries to convince Liz that he’s worth sticking around for. And Tracy (Tracy Morgan) meets with guest star Cornel Westto to discuss his influence as a black celebrity.

Make sure not to miss all this when 30 Rock concludes it’s penultimate, sixth season on Tuesday, November 27 th at 9:30pm on FOUR.