30 Rock

Spears and Lovato confirmed

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have been officially added to the judging panel of The X Factor USA to replace Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul.

30 Rock to finish after season seven

30 Rock will finish following its seventh season according to NBC entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt. He had previously given mixed signals as to the future of the show. Continue reading »

30 Rock renewed

NBC has renewed 30 Rock for another run of 13 episodes for what is said to be the comedy’s seventh and final season.

Bands added to SNL finale

Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire have been added to the line-up for Mick Jagger’s episode of Saturday Night Live this month. Continue reading »

Obama slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon

Barack Obama has made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talkshow where he slow jammed one of his policy positions with Fallon and house band The Roots.

Kardashians signs new E! deal

The Kardashian family has signed a new deal with the E! network, meaning Keeping Up with the Kardashians will continue for at least another three years. Continue reading »

Banks returning to 30 Rock

Elizabeth Banks will return to 30 Rock this year to reprise her role as Avery Jessup, the wife of Alec Baldwin’s Jack.

Bones renewed

Bones has been renewed for another season by the Fox network. The crime drama, which features Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, will return for an eighth season. Continue reading »

The only show on my agenda tonight is the ever-lovely Go Girls.

Go Girls: TV2, 8:30pm

Can tonight’s episode really almost be half way through series four already? I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are today, but if it’s anything like here (dark, cold, endless rain) then Go Girls is the perfect show to curl up on the sofa and watch tonight. Side note: I still have not got used to Brad’s beard and can’t figure out if I like it or not. You? Continue reading »

8:30pm – Tuesday, March 6 on FOUR

After five years and countless awards, FOUR’s Emmy-winning 30 Rock marks its 100th episode with part one of a two-part episode about, of all things, a 100th episode. 30 Rock screens on Tuesday, March 6 th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

“We figured that TGS, the fake show featured on 30 Rock, started at the same time our show did, so their 100th episode would coincide with ours,” executive producer Robert Carlock explains.

But that’s where the similarities end. While 30 Rock has been renewed, this week’s milestone finds TGS facing cancelation now that new Oscar winner Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) is in hiding to avoid the pressure of being taken seriously.

“He’s smart enough to know he’s an idiot,” says Carlock. “The plan is to get him back on the show and back to where he was five years ago, running down the street with a plastic lightsaber.”

Along the way, there are cameos by Regis and Kelly, Matt Lauer and Rachael Ray; a hysterical pregnancy for Jenna; the return of one of Liz Lemon’s (Tina Fey) exes; and a guest spot by Michael Keaton as a janitor who really has his work cut out for him. “Amid all of this chaos, we also come to realise that there is a slow gas leak in the building,” says Carlock. “And it is producing the kind of hallucinations and flashbacks one might want in a 100th episode.” Make sure not to miss all this when both 30 Rock and the fictional TGS celebrate their 100 th episode on Tuesday, March 6 th at 8:30pm on FOUR.

Morgan returns to 30 Rock

Tracy Morgan has returned to 30 Rock following his hospitalisation last week after collapsing at the Sundance Film Festival. Morgan’s reps said the collapse was due to a combination of exhaustion and altitude sickness.

Office character getting spin-off?

The Office’s Rainn Wilson is said to be getting a spin-off series where his character Dwight Schrute will be the focus. 

Monty Python reuniting for film

The cast of Monty Python are said to be reuniting for a sci-fi film project with Robin Williams, who said: “It’s not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility.”

Sheen believes Kutcher deserves better

Charlie Sheen says he believes that Ashton Kutcher and his former Two and a Half men co-stars deserve better material that what creator Chuck Lorre is giving them. “Hats off to [Ashton Kutcher] for doing the best job that he can,” Sheen said. “I don’t think that he’s working with the best writing because [Lorre is] doing too many shows. He and [Jon Cryer] and [Angus T. Jones] deserve better material.”

Buscemi to appear again on 30 Rock

Steve Buscemi of Boardwalk Empire will make another guest appearance on 30 Rock. The actor will reprise his role as private eye Len Wosniak on the comedy series, while directing the same episode.

Sutherland says 24 movie is continuation

Kiefer Sutherland is describing the planned 24 movie as a “continuation” of the series. “I see it as… relatively a direct continuation. It’s within six months from the end of the last episode. We’ll see where it goes from there,” he said.

Carrey’s daughter auditions for Idol

Jim Carrey’s 24-year-old daughter Jane was among the hopefuls auditioning for American Idol early this season. 

30 Rock season could be reduced

Alec Baldwin has hinted that the seventh season of 30 Rock may be reduced in numbers to a mini season. “I think we’re going to do some kind of season next year – they’re not sure whether we’re going to do a full season or maybe a piece of a season, [but] there’s going to be something next year, I believe,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin returning to 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin has signed on to feature in the seventh season of 30 Rock. The actor, who plays Jack Donaghy, will return if 30 Rock itself is renewed for a seventh run.

Community to keep going

The NBC network has confirmed that Community will return this year after rumours it was to be cancelled following poor ratings. 

Connick Jr. joins Law & Order: SVU

Harry Connick Jr. has been confirmed to be joining Law & Order: SVU for a multi-episode arc. “This is a home run on so many levels,” said cast member Mariska Hargitay. “The show is very fortunate to have Harry’s extraordinary talent, and I’m lucky because I get to work with my friend. 

Gervais promises no restrictions

Ricky Gervais has promised that there will be no restrictions on his jokes at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony. The comedian has vowed to once again tackle Hollywood’s “taboos” when he hosts the ceremony on January 15.

Baldwin not in running for Mayor

30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin has confirmed that he will not be running for Mayor of New York in 2013 despite flirting with the idea over the past couple of years.

Life’s Too Short renewed

Ricky Gervais has confirmed that his new BBC comedy Life’s Too Short has been renewed for a second season.

Cowell keen to replace Jones

It is believed that Simon Cowell wants to replace X Factor USA host Steve Jones with another British presenter, Cat Deeley.