3d-logoSomething I’ve noticed this year is the endless tears over the loss of Campbell Live and now 3D. “We’re losing quality journalism”, we’re told.

Quality news and current affairs, and journalism, has become like the ballet, or symphony, or orchestra. Adored by a passionate few but for the rest of us, we’d be unlikely to ever attend. At the same time, however, we wouldn’t be too happy to see them gone as we can acknowledge their cultural significance.

Since the beginning of 2014, it was no secret to anyone that both 3D and Campbell Live were struggling with their audiences. Campbell Live, against a rejuvenated Seven Sharp spent all of last year taking steps backward after a significantly good year in 2013. Every week, the story that was being painted was looking bleaker and bleaker. Come 2015, the show was given a lick of paint in the form of new branding but this was hardly the solution to what had been an obvious problem. Continue reading »


Farewell 3D

3d-logoWhen the lawyers get called in to “negotiate” for a group of reporters over the imminent cancellation of their TV show and they’re quoted as having issues with management, you may as well turn out the lights already.

According to reports, their lawyer will argue there has been no good faith in the process as TV3 management has already pre-determined the show is going.

How does this end well for the reporters concerned? Having a gripe to the minions at your largest competition about your bosses and inform them that you’re taking legal action is hardly “good faith” either. If the show wasn’t going to be cancelled, it sure is now. Continue reading »


Well that didn't work

samantha-hayesAfter Mediaworks revamped their Sunday night line up with a half hour news bulletin and the introduction of a half hour of current affairs, more changes have been rung in with 3D being bumped to 9:30pm on Monday and the hour long 3 News returning.

3D, and its predecessor 3rd Degree, have struggled to find an audience and the relegation of current affairs to late on Monday is a fair sign that its days are numbered and that any renewed funding from NZ On Air would be highly unlikely.

Monday night’s episode drew an average audience of only 37,920 viewers. Perhaps the supposed enticing story about porn was less so than the real thing. Either way, it’s simply not sustainable. Continue reading »

duncangarnerThere is much to be said about TV3 at the moment but I will limit myself to the latest raft of changes that were announced this afternoon.

Firstly, it was only a few months ago that TV3 shortened their Sunday night news hour to 30 minutes to make way for a revamped and rebranded current affairs program 3D. The pairing of Mediaworks poster boy, Duncan Garner, and co-host Samantha Hayes, didn’t gel when the two were on screen on Wednesdays so it is little wonder that a move to Sunday’s also hasn’t worked.

Mediaworks have gone on to give their Radio Live Drive host four nights a week as the replacement for John Campbell on Story. I’ve already mentioned why Garner was the wrong choice and so far, the ratings have failed to prove me wrong. Continue reading »

Ever since Mediaworks announced that Campbell Live was to end, a concerted effort has been mounted against them to boycott the channel. A decision that is sheer stupidity.

I’m not entirely sure what the boycott is hoping to achieve. John Campbell has taken his settlement and departed. He’s not coming back.

TV3 also have a number of other current affairs shows. The Nation on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and 3D as part of their early evening Sunday night line up. Both perform poorly. Continue reading »

3rd DegreeMediaWorks is moving TV3’s weekly current affairs programme to Sunday nights, as part of an innovative News and Current affairs hour broadcast in the premium 6-7pm timeslot.

From May 24, a 30-minute 6pm 3News bulletin will be followed at 6.30pm by 3D, formerly 3rd Degree.

MediaWorks Group Head of News, Mark Jennings says: “We know that Sunday night is a good place for current affairs. People are increasingly time poor and we believe 30 minutes of News plus 30 minutes of Current Affairs is a winning formula for this popular timeslot. Continue reading »

3 NewsThe Sunday Star Times reports that 3 News is moving to a 30 minute bulletin on Sundays to make way for their new current affairs program 3D and 3D Investigates.

TV3 is to chop its Sunday night news bulletin to 30 minutes, in the latest dramatic move to turn its news department into a “news, commentary and conversation” team.

The reduced Sunday news bulletin, starting on May 24, allows TV3 to move its former hour-long mid-week 3rd Degree current affairs programme to early Sunday evening. It is being renamed 3D and will be shortened to 30 minutes. Continue reading »