HOUSE OF CARDSSlowly but surely…

MediaWorks is releasing season two of House of Cards as a 3NOW box set. The acclaimed Netflix show begins its second season on TV3 this Sunday (10.30pm on May 25), and all 13 episodes will be available to watch on 3NOW for 28 days.

When House of Cards premiered on TV3 in February, MediaWorks treated viewers to a box set release of the first series as part of the launch of video-on-demand service 3NOW. House of Cards quickly became the network’s #1 VOD programme. To date, more than 230,000 episodes of the series have been watched via 3NOW. Continue reading »

house-of-cardsHere is something to ponder.  Mediaworks tell us that House of Cards is the #1 program on their ondemand service and has had more than 110,000 streams.  Let’s put some perspective on that number.  Week one, the award winning drama from Netflix had an average audience of 26,710 viewers.  An additional 12,100 viewers recorded it and watched it over the next week, meaning that 31% of the total audience timeshifted the program.  This week, the second episode rated even lower.

Let’s assume for a minute that half of the streams were from dedicated fans, desperate to finally view the series, and have binged on it and now seen it all.  This would equate to about 4,230 people.  Even if everyone who was watching the show on demand had seen every episode, the total number of people doesn’t even hit 8,500 viewers.  Hardly the stuff you’d write home about, and yet here we are…

Emmy-award winning Netflix series House of Cards is driving strong uptake for MediaWorks’ rebranded video ondemand service 3NOW.

Kiwis have embraced 3NOW as the new way to catch up with their favourite TV3 and FOUR television shows on multiple platforms.  The 3NOW Apps for mobile, tablet and Samsung Smart TVs have been downloaded more than 134,500 times since its February 23 launch. Continue reading »

I have been trying to play Friday’s episode of The Paul Henry Show and all I get is this:


It must be the day for ondemand announcements with this new one from Mediaworks.

Kiwis’ favourite TV3 and FOUR television shows are now available on more devices than ever before with MediaWorks today launching 3NOW.

3NOW is MediaWorks’ new video on demand service for mobile and tablet (iOS and Android) and on Samsung televisions.  TV3’s online catch-up service has been rebranded as 3NOW. Continue reading »