3rd Degree

TV3’s 3rd Degree bounced back from all time lows to an average audience of 191,900 viewers last night.  The increase came off the back of daylight saving ending on the weekend and an expose on the battle going on between sex industry rivals, the Chow brothers and Jacqui Le Prou.  Perhaps it was the shorter days. Perhaps it was the topless women.  In any case, I doubt very much if it was the new pairing of Duncan Garner and Samantha Hayes.

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nzh-most-read-030414Perhaps it was a slow news day yesterday but after the appalling ratings for TV3’s 3rd Degree, it’s incredibly surprising that the most read article at the New Zealand herald yesterday was Rachel Glucina’s story about Anna Guy not returning to the show despite all the hoopla last year that she’d been given a job with Mediaworks.

Fleeting TV3 gig looks unlikely to be repeated as mag lines up baby story

Has Anna Guy named her newborn daughter Ruby? We can expect to see the revelation in an upcoming paid-for woman’s magazine story. However, she will not be sharing the news on 3rd Degree.

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3RD_degree-wideSources have told Throng that there is deep concern within TV3 at the ratings for 3rd Degree after it slumped to an even lower rating this week than last week’s record low.

This week saw 3rd Degree slump to an average audience of 135,290 viewers, down from 141,690 last week.

In 2013, 3rd Degree featured a monthly debate called The Vote.  These were cancelled due to poor ratings.  The problem that 3rd Degree now finds itself in is that the current affairs program is now rating lower than some of those episodes. Continue reading »

2014 began with 3rd Degree digging a hole.  The average audience for the season premiere was 141,690 viewers, down 45% on the current affairs program’s first show in 2013.  It was the lowest rating story episode the program has had.  Four other episodes had lower ratings in 2013 but they were 3rd Degree’s The Vote which is not returning this year.

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3rd-degree-logoI can’t say I’m overly excited about this news but I’m hoping that a new season will see marked improvements for TV3’s current affairs program 3rd Degree.

3rd Degree returns this week (Wednesday, 26 March at 8.30pm) with a special investigation into one of New Zealand’s worst air accidents, the 2010 Fox Glacier skydiving plane crash.

In the season premiere of TV3’s weekly in-depth current affairs programme, reporter Michael Morrah literally unearths new evidence in the crash that killed nine people.  Continue reading »

3rd-degree-2014-mwnsWith Guyon Espiner’s departure to Radio NZ, the bromance between him and Garner is over as Samantha Hayes is called up to take the reins.  Here’s hoping one lot of awkward isn’t replaced with another though.

Samantha Hayes is joining Duncan Garner to co-host of 3rd Degree when the in-depth current affairs programme returns soon on TV3.

Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings says: “Feedback from viewers last year was very positive on having dual presenters.  Guyon Espiner and Duncan Garner brought contrasting styles and different points of view to the programme and Samantha Hayes will undoubtedly bring her own unique style too. Continue reading »

2013 wasn’t really too bad of a year for television.  If anything, free to air broadcasters have struggled the most with much of the new drama content, particularly out of the US, being substandard to the likes of what the cable channels and digital networks are providing.  In any case, here are ten things that didn’t do it for me in 2013.

# 3rd Degree
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Guyon Espiner resigned from his role on TV3’s 3rd Degree and passed on a job hosting a revamped The Nation in 2014 to take up the role as co-host on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report.

Espiner will begin the role in April.

The announcement will bring changes to 3rd Degree which was regularly panned for its bromance of Espiner/Garner which failed to fire in the ratings in 2013.   Continue reading »

When TV3 lost the CBS deal to Prime they announced that their replacement of the weekly current affairs program, 60 minutes, would be 3rd Degree which would have a monthly component called The Vote which was billed as competitive current affairs.  While 60 Minutes included plenty of foreign stories, 3rd Degree has prided itself on focusing on local stories but how have they compared in the ratings?

Firstly, let’s take a look at how 3rd Degree and The Vote did this year.

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3rdDegreeOn the 27th of November, 3rd Degree screened a story about Gentiane Lupi, the kickboxing mum.  Bailey Palmer, a video editor from Wellington, noticed that there was some familiar looking footage used during the show, footage from a YouTube channel she operates.

A colleague of Bailey’s jumped on Twitter to get the details of who to send a copyright infringement notice to.

3rd Degree responded with the details they were after and then Bailey sent off her email.

Dear Phil,

My names Bailey Palmer, and I’m a video editor and post production manager in Wellington. I am writing to you regarding your story on this week’s episode of 3rd Degree about Gentiane Lupi, the kickboxing mum. I believe that there was around 10 seconds of footage aired within this piece (00:05:45 00:05:55 aprox) that breaches copyright. Continue reading »