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TheVoteThis is pretty appalling and purely a desperate ploy to find some viewers.  At a time when there’s a potentially catastrophic economic issue at hand, 3rd Degree want to unscientifically determine if Auckland is sucking the life out of New Zealand.  And they say Seven Sharp is sucking the life out of current affairs…

On August 14, The Vote will ask Kiwis their opinion on the statement ‘Auckland is sucking the life out of New Zealand’ in the sixth episode of TV3’s national debate programme, screening at 8.30pm on Wednesday night.

A coin toss has determined Duncan Garner will lead the ‘For’ team and Guyon Espiner the ‘Against’ team, with broadcaster and lawyer, Linda Clark again charged with keeping the debaters in line and on topic.

Auckland is big – a third of New Zealand’s population and growing, squeezed onto a narrow isthmus. Is it too big? And is that bad for the country as a whole? In the OECD, only Dublin, Ireland has a greater share of the national population – London, New York, Paris? Not even close. Continue reading »

I’m starting wonder if these press releases about new stories from 3rd Degree have any similarity to the story of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Especially when they use words like explosive.

TV3’s 3rd Degree will tonight air an explosive new investigation into the case of Teina Pora.

Pora was arrested in 1993 for the rape and murder of Susan Burdett in her Papatoetoe home, and sentenced to life imprisonment. He remains in prison 20 years on. Continue reading »

TV3 are airing a documentary tonight, with funding from the NZ On Air platinum fund, that gives a rare insight into the life of former prime minister Helen Clark.  It’s screening after TV3’s wallowing current affairs show 3rd Degree.

This seems strange to me.  I would have thought that it would have provided a strong Wednesday line up to run the news, Campbell Live, this doco and then 3rd Degree but instead there is that home rennovation show.  Perhaps the bump to 9:30 suggests that the content may offend and is suitable for a mature audience.

“For Helen Clark, politics was everything. She ate, slept and drank it.”

The words of John Key, seemingly in admiration of his former political foe, open a documentary premiering on TV3 tonight. Continue reading »

Didn’t TV3 promise quality journalism and commentary on the important issues that matter to Kiwis when they declared that their new current affairs show would have a monthly program that delved deeper to gauge the pulse of the nation?  If that’s true then someone better rush us off to Shortland Street for a labotomy!

Whoever is making the decisions around what issues are of great national importance is clearly out of touch.

Last weeks The Vote was the second lowest rating episode of the 3rd Degree series with an average audience of merely 129,950 viewers and subsequently the second lowest of The Vote debates.


Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner are much better than this rubbish.  Perhaps they should just run a weekly discussion on Who Killed The Bain’s as that seems to have been the only thing that has worked for them. Continue reading »

The David Bain story on 3rd Degree finally delivered ratings to TV3 but as we suggested based on the poor form of the rest of the program that has been delivering an average audience that is more than 100,000 viewers less than the show it replaced, that those ratings were a one off.  It appears we were correct.


Next week, The Vote segment of the program will delve into the issue of whether or not we should stick with the Monarchy.  We can’t hardly wait… Continue reading »

While the evidence provided by 3rd Degree was interesting and generated a lot of talk, many, and us included, thought the reporting was rather poor.

The following comment was posted by someone who covered the case when it happened and suggests the 3rd Degree story hurts the credibility of television journalism.

I was sent down there on the day it happened to cover it for the Holmes Show. At that time we all thought it was a tragic murder suicide. I think the police thought that too, which is why they didn’t take the initial collection of evidence with the diligence they should have. Continue reading »

robin-bain-elimination-printThe New Zealand Police have responded to TV3’s 3rd Degree program last night with some interesting comments.

I am mindful that this theory has been put forward through a programme whose makers chose not to seek comment from police prior to broadcast, and who also refused to provide details about their story when approached by police on Tuesday.

“Had they done so then we would have pointed out that fingerprints had been presented in evidence and have always been available through the court to help them decide if their story stacked up.”

Does this reinforce the theory that the episode was more of a personal crusade than balanced journalism? Continue reading »

3rd Degree’s Bain story last night gave the typically low rating current affairs show a rather large shot in the arm.  The average audience for the episode was 371,630 viewers, up a staggering 109% on the series average so far.  I’ll go out on a limb and say this point on the graph is going to be an outlier.


The ratings gave TV3 a win in the timeslot and many praised Melanie Reid’s journalism in uncovering such an apparently monumental piece of evidence.  I’m not convinced, however, that there was much journalism going on at all.

Continue reading »

It was an interesting episode of 3rd Degree tonight as they focused on some seemingly new evidence, uncovered by a Waikato businessman who had been reading Kiwiblog.

While there was some compelling evidence, I don’t recall any critique of that evidence by those who were actually involved with, or experts in, the Bain trial.  That would seem to be the obvious thing to do.

What is also strange is that the story appears to have been filmed months ago.

For the past 19 years, despite two trials and a Privy Council ruling, debate has continued to rage about whether David Bain shot his family, or whether his father Robin committed the murders before shooting himself.  Continue reading »

3rdDegreeLast week they attempted to lure viewers with free votes.  This week, after 19 years, 3rd Degree uncovers what they are calling a stunning new development.

This week 3rd Degree features a major story from 2012 Journalist of the Year, Melanie Reid; a stunning new development in New Zealand’s biggest unsolved crime, the Bain case. Continue reading »