3rd Rock From The Sun

DH creator working on new show

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has begun work on a new show for ABC called Devious Maids. The series is an adaptation of a Mexican show called The Disorderly Maids of the Neighbourhood.

Stewart to guest on Community

Former 3rd Rock from the Sun actor French Stewart has signed up for a guest role on Community. The actor will play a character who works as a celebrity impersonator who often poses as French Stewart.

Happy Days cast suffer setback

The cast of Happy Days has suffered a setback in their $10m lawsuit against CBS to compensate them for years of merchandising using their likeness. The judge has thrown out a key claim by the group regarding money garnered from slot machines featuring their faces and other consumer products.

Driver to feature in new series

Minnie Driver looks to be featuring in a new show for the ABC network after signing a talent deal with the network. ABC will now find a suitable project for her to star in.

House actor releasing album

House actor Hugh Laurie is set to release a New Orleans-style blues album which showcases his skills as a pianist and singer. Laurie will enter the studio to record the album in the next couple of months.

Entourage actor passes away

Canadian actor Maury Chaykin, best known for his role as Harvey Weingard on Entourage, has died aged 61. The actor who played the recurring role of movie producer Weingard on Entourage passed away on his 61st birthday after struggling with kidney problems.

Wallace and Gromit on The Simpsons

News coming out of Comic-Con in the US has suggested that Wallace and Gromit will be making an appearance in an episode of The Simpsons. Al Jean announced that Hugh Laurie may also be appearing as well as several Glee cast members.

30 Rock actor linked to Glee

30 Rock’s Cheyenne Jackson has been linked with a role on the upcoming season of Glee. The actor will reportedly play a character called Shelby Corcoran who takes up the role of coach of a rival glee club.

Private Practice casting

3rd Rock From the Sun actor French Stewart will be appearing on the upcoming season of Private Practice, playing Russell’s estranged brother.

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Four aliens are dispatched to the least important planet in the solar system – Earth (the third rock from the sun). Taking human form to blend in amongst us, Dick, Sally, Tommy & Harry quickly find earthlings are not as simple as they first assumed. Starring John Lithgow (who was nominated for an EMMY every year the show was on air) as well as Kirsten Johnston, Joseph Gordon – Levitt, French Stewart and Jane Curtin, 3rd Rock was on the air for 6 years and achieved an astounding 31 Emmy Award nominations – quite a feat on any planet! No matter what planet you’re from – 3rd Rock from the Sun is well worth a revisit.