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60-minutesOn the next episode of 60 MINUTES, Karen McCarthy takes us on a nostalgic journey, marking 50 years since The Beatles’ one and only New Zealand tour.

Fifty years ago The Beatles touched down in Wellington on their one and only tour of New Zealand. Touring here just 12 weeks after taking America by storm, John, Paul, George and Ringo played eight concerts in four cities. Featuring rare colour footage of their tour, an interview with John Lennon in New Zealand that has never before been broadcast, and four New Zealanders telling their stories for the first time (one of The Beatles’ Kiwi bodyguards, a woman who was in the Maori welcoming party at Wellington Airport, a veteran radio producer who interviewed The Beatles, and a psychology professor who made a world-first study of the phenomenon that is Beatlemania). This is Fab Four nostalgia at its finest. Karen McCarthy with the story. Continue reading »

60-minutesHere’s one for the cricket fans!

It’s been a difficult few years for Black Caps fans, with the highs often eclipsed by the lows. However, all that was forgotten on February 18th, when captain Brendon McCullum became the first New Zealander ever to score a triple century in test cricket, propelling him into the history books and making him a national hero.

It is the ultimate validation for a player who has divided fans and critics throughout his career. Renowned for his aggressive, brash and often combative play, McCullum is often assumed to be the same off the pitch. But what we do know now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that McCullum is one of our greatest ever cricketers. But there is still plenty about him we don’t know. Continue reading »

kim-dotcom-60-minutesThe interview by the American 60 Minutes program that outraged Kim Dotcom aired last night on Prime.  The New Zealand team invited Kim Dotcom on to respond.  He declined.

With the upcoming launch of his political party and his new album that he’s flogging I would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to get some publicity.

The interview airs again tonight at 7:30pm on Prime.

60 Minutes in the US this week screened a story on Kim Dotcom and the Mega Upload extradition and copyright infringement case. Not sure when it will screen here on Prime but CBS have made it available to view outside of America.

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60-minutesThe Poynter Institute has named 60 Minutes’ Benghazi report as the worst media error of 2013 from the seemingly increasing list of mainstream media botch-ups.

As is often the case with Error of the Year, the award is given partly because of the mistake itself, and partly because of the mistake’s fallout.

In late October “60 Minutes” aired a report that called into question the official version of what happened when the U.S. diplomatic compound was attacked in Benghazi, Libya. At the core of the story was a source, Dylan Davies, who worked as a security contractor for the State Department. Davies had a book coming out that purported to share new facts about what happened that night, and what he did.

Problem one: he lied to the show about what he did and saw, thereby making a core piece of evidence in the “60 Minutes” counter-narrative false and undercutting the entire segment. Continue reading »

When TV3 lost the CBS deal to Prime they announced that their replacement of the weekly current affairs program, 60 minutes, would be 3rd Degree which would have a monthly component called The Vote which was billed as competitive current affairs.  While 60 Minutes included plenty of foreign stories, 3rd Degree has prided itself on focusing on local stories but how have they compared in the ratings?

Firstly, let’s take a look at how 3rd Degree and The Vote did this year.

3rd-degree-the-vote-ratings-2013 Continue reading »

Benji-marshall-blues-jerseyYay.  A local story on Prime’s 60 Minutes about one of their stars.

In a 60 MINUTES exclusive, Belinda Henley talks to league legend Benji Marshall about his controversial decision to turn his back on the game that made him a star, switching countries and codes.

Popular both on and off the field, Marshall talks about his remarkable 11-year tenure at the Wests Tigers, where he helped the club win an NRL Premiership title and was awarded the best player in the world. He talks frankly about where things went wrong, including the breakdown of his relationship with the Sydney club that eventually led him to turn his back on a lucrative contract and sign with the Auckland-based Blues. Continue reading »

2013 has seen TV3 make great progress in current affairs with Campbell Live but the same cannot be said for 3rd Degree and in particular, their monthly debate show The Vote.

Last night’s debate, “Our kids: it not poverty, it’s parenting”, was poorly thought out and presented a false dichotomy.

The options for the debate weren’t mutually exclusive,  the voting results weren’t scientific and ultimately unsurprising considering TV3’s “middle New Zealand” audience. Duncan Garner’s unrelated attack on Destiny church’s Hannah Tamaki was appalling and other than ending on a cute note with a plug for a remade reggae song, the most important thing lacking from last night were actual solutions.

Is it any wonder that the average audience for the series so far is only about 178,000 viewers per episode?  While last night delved new depths in current affairs, it still rated 52,750 more viewers than the series low of 110,830.  That honor went to the second episode of The Vote which hoped to discover if New Zealand was a racist country.


In comparison, last year 60 Minutes drew an average audience of more than 100,000 more viewers per episode. Continue reading »

60MinutesJeremyWellsJeremy Wells will take an in-depth look at the state of New Zealand cricket for 60 Minutes next week.

The self-confessed cricket nerd will chat to current captain Brendan McCullum and examine whether the game is in crisis in this country.

60 Minutes producer Belinda Henley wanted an in-depth look at the controversial national team and had no doubt that Wells was the best reporter for the story. “I think he is one of the most creative and intelligent broadcasters in New Zealand. I wanted to do a story on the Black Caps and he was, in my mind, the only man for the job. ” Continue reading »

The world’s most successful television current affairs programme, 60 Minutes, moves to Prime with a fresh new look for 2013.

The multi-award winning series, renowned for its hard-hitting investigative reports, is part of a range of new world-class programming which will screen on the free-to-air network as part of a studio volume deal with CBS Studios International. Continue reading »