666 Park Avenue

8:30pm Friday, January 18 on TV2

Friday nights are set to become a little bit spooky with TV2’s new supernatural thriller 666 Park Avenue.

When young couple Jane Van Veen and Henry Martin are hired as the new managers of the historic Drake building they believe all their dreams have come true. But they soon begin to wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into when they unwittingly find themselves caught up in the building’s mysterious supernatural forces.

The first episode of 666 Park Avenue will be available via TVNZ Ondemand a week prior to its TV2 premiere.

Lost actor joins Hawaii Five-0

Former Lost actor Jeff Fahey has nabbed himself a guest spot on Hawaii Five-0 alongside fellow Lost veteran Daniel Dae Kim. The details of Fahey’s role are unknown.

Finales to be altered for 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort

The first season finales of recently axed dramas 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort will be tweaked to provide more closure. The 13-episode first seasons will be altered to provide fitting more series finales for both. Continue reading »

One of TV2’s new 2013 season pick-ups has been given the axe by its American network after just seven episodes.

Supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue will not return for a second season after ABC pulled the pin following episode seven due to low ratings.

The series, which was to feature in TV2’s 2013 schedule, stars Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Australian actress Rachael Taylor (Transformers).

It’s more bad luck for Taylor who saw her last project, the Charlie’s Angels reboot, get axed after just four episodes in the States. Continue reading »