7 Days

8:30pm – Friday, August 21 on TV 3

TV3’s all-new Friday night comedy line-up kicks off at 8.30pm this Friday, August 21st, with the launch of the 10th anniversary series of Rove. The top rating variety-chat show is followed by the return of Bill and Ben in the seventh series of Pulp Sport (at 9.30pm), and new show 7 Days (at 10pm), a satirical look at the news of the week with New Zealand’s best stand-up comedians.

Rove McManus and his team are celebrating a decade on air with regular flashbacks throughout the season, and a special 10th anniversary episode will screen later in the year. Rove had an inauspicious start in 1999, being canned by the Nine Network after a year in its 11pm Tuesday timeslot. Network Ten picked up the show in 2000, and Rove became one of the station’s biggest ratings winners, and now plays in its key Sunday night timeslot.

Rove’s regular team of Peter Helliar, Ryan Shelton, and Hamish and Andy will be joined by comedian Judith Lucy and radio newsreader Kristy Warner. The two newcomers replace Dave Hughes and Carrie Bickmore, who are working on a new project. This week’s episode features US singer Katy Perry, comedian Carl Barron and Hollywood writer/director Judd Apatow.

Pulp Sport sees TV3 favorites Bill and Ben return to their television roots; after losing both the General Election and the Mt Albert by-election, they have temporarily shelved their hopes of living the ‘sweet life’ of a politician. Parliament’s loss is entertainment’s gain – while Bill and Ben wait for 2010’s Auckland Super Mayorality race, they’re knocking out the seventh series of what TV Guide readers believe is New Zealand’s funniest TV show. Expect crazy journeys, weird adventures and the Pulp Sport treatment of movies, TV shows and other features of our cultural landscape.

TV3’s hilarious new local series 7 Days has Jeremy Corbett and two teams of New Zealand’s finest comic talents blast the last seven days of news out of the water – taking aim at a week of stupid news, big news, unbelievable news and news about us right here in New Zealand. The ever changing line-up includes Dai Henwood, Brendhan Lovegrove, Ben Hurley, Paul Ego, Michele A’Court, Jeremy Elwood, Penny Ashton, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Irene Pink, and 2009 Billy T winner Chris Brain – and watch out for some very special international guests.

“I believe we live in one of the greatest countries in the world, but when I turn on talkback radio I feel a bit depressed, I think New Zealand is ready for a laugh”. Damn straight Ben Hurley you bearded, internationally acclaimed, double comedy award winning machine. And now one of the panellists of TV3’s new current affairs spin show “7 DAYS”.

I got the hook up and had a chat with BH, one of the comic talent involved with the show that is described as that which will “blast the news out of the water, dissect it, ……..and have a brilliant time while doing it”, cool, hope the viewer has a brilliant time as well then.

“This brand of comedy has been very successful in Australia and the UK so we hope to replicate that in NZ”, When I asked what shows he’d based it upon he replied “No its very much its own show”. GOOD TO HEAR I say to that, and let’s hope the NZ’s watching public agree. Strong ratings with something as promising as this could lead to smarter comedy on NZ screens…well if the programmers sit up and take notice that is.  Strong audience support is essential of this kind of genre. He (Ben) also believes that “7 Days” will have a wide appeal, especially with a younger audience more used to the likes of John Stewart.

He did add however where he felt it would be stronger then say “The Daily Show”  reason being was its 6 strong panel made up of comedy heavy weights such as Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood, Brendon Lovegrove, Michelle A’Court, Jeremy Elwood and Penny Ashton. All will offer their own unique opinion on current affairs which sounds to me like it could just be worth hanging about on a Firday night to watch (10pm).

Although Ben admitted to keeping up with topical events was part of his day to day as a professional Stand Up Comedian, he’s been keeping a keen eye on everything and everyone in the news  and so content would not just be limited to NZ but very much a global outlook. His story about rehearsal last week where there was a 10 minute discussion about a American Man blaming his cat for downloading porn would indicate this show’s depth may vary, but I’m open to see how it develops as it finds its legs.

So give me some feedback below; what do we think will be featured in the first episode that’s been in the news this week?

Tongans & Dogs?

Afgani elections?

Oliver Driver claiming no one knows what this show is about on Monday’s sunrise?

– Hammy_NZL: I’m Always Watching

SIDE NOTE: I’m planning to attend the live taping of episode two next week and happy to take any folk that are interested along with me. Just email me with some details at hamish@throng.co.nz and I’ll make it happen. Show is taped at Auckland transmission room, inner city, 7pm Thursdays.

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I must have cried for weeks in 2001!

When the horrible events hit.

My whole world shook and I had no idea what to think.

Who would have known that just one small event could have changed my life completely.

TV4 played the final episodes they had of the critically aclaimed Science Fiction TV Series ‘7 Days’. The show about a secret ‘United States National Securtiy Agency’ military base where they deploy a time travellin device based upon alien technology found at Roswell. The ‘Chronosphere’ or ‘Backstep Sphere’ sends the soldier, or Chrononaut, back in space 7 days.

Basically the whole show could be summed up in there tag line ‘One human back in time, seven days, to avert disasters’.

In 2001 just when the world needed the Chronosphere the most; 7 Days was cancelled and the world wept. So you can imagine my excitment to see this advert for a new television show starting this Friday on TV3.




Awesome, well done New Zealand for finally taking the lunge and creating compelling, different science fiction… you ripped off the states. Oh who cares, its back and starring some interesting characters as you can see above. Details about the new remake are very low but i’ll be egarling watching this Friday to see the likes of Ben Hurley, Paul Ego, Jeremy Elwood and Irene Pink save the world by going back in time and stopping the horrific natural disasters that happen over the world; like catching that ottor that escaped from the zoo, stopping petrol going up 6 extra cent or stopping the soon to be released second album by Ben Lummis.

God Speed New Zealand Comedians, Please Save Us All.

Blog Done.

Still looking for a job so if anyone out there works at TVNZ or CanWest or has millions of dollars you wish to give me in exchange for a 12 part tv series about a zombie falling in love with a ninja monkey from Mars. Leave a comment. Its like Juno meets Attack Of The Killer Tomatos.