A Place In Slovakia

A Place In Slovakia Monday 31 December, 7pm

Ann and David Darrell’s dream is to buy a chateau in Slovakia and turn it into a boutique hotel. The new series A Place In Slovakia (weeknights at 7pm on TV ONE), follows the Essex couple’s progress, from dealing with Slovak bureaucracies, to missing money and meeting strange vendor requests.

After several false starts, they finally find the right chateau, but nothing is straightforward as the building work commences. Will their dream come true or will it be the start of a disaster?
David Darrell says they went to Austria for a summer break and drove through Slovakia. “We absolutely fell in love with the place and the people, and because it is an unknown market, it makes it an affordable business venture.”

Ann agrees – she thinks the properties are fabulous. However, she explains that although they are beautiful, there are a number of chateaux that have not had financial support to be maintained, and therefore are in need of massive restoration. The big advantage is that you can buy them really cheaply, she says.

In episode one, the ambitious couple have to deal with cramped living conditions in a tiny hotel room in Barnet, missing money from the sale of their Essex house, and flight cancellations. When they finally manage to leave the UK, their Slovakian dream begins to turn into a nightmare.