A Taste Of Home

A Taste Of Home
Saturday 10 November, 7pm

Peta Mathias celebrates the best of new cuisine brought to New Zealand shores from all over the globe in this new series A Taste of Home (tonight at 7pm on TV ONE). Discovering the secrets, the frustration and the joys of a new migrant creating home country food in their new land – New Zealand – Mathias tastes cuisine from countries like Korea, Russia, India, France, Brazil, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

A Taste Of Home combines the flavours of New Zealand with international fare, but in a series closer to home. For almost 10 years Taste New Zealand has featured the best of New Zealand cuisine on screen, and more recently, Mathias travelled the world for culinary inspiration in Taste Takes Off.
Mathias says making this series was a complete revelation: “I think like most people I had either pre-conceived ideas or absolutely no idea as to what Koreans, Russians, Iraqis, Iranians and so forth would be like, particularly regarding cuisine.

“The Russians turned out to be intense, fun-loving, and absolutely adore their traditional dishes like borscht (soup) and kulich (bread); the Koreans were so nice and their home cooking is really delicious; and I cried and danced all the way through the Iraq segment – they were distinguished by their generosity and love of good things like slow-cooked lamb and sugar riddled sweets.”

She says A Taste Of Home was an emotional series to shoot – every single person had a poignant story to tell and generously welcomed the team. “We felt grateful that people opened their homes to us and fortunate to have our immigrants contributing so much to our NZ culture.”

Episode one sees Mathias immerse herself in the New Zealand Korean community and discovers how homesick Kiwi Koreans cook up their delectable tastes of home.