AA Torque Show

Monday 18 June at 9.30pm

New Zealand’s own power packed AA Torque Show challenges the automotive world with an unbiased attitude and a critical eye from presenters Danny Mulheron, Roger Walker and certified speed demon Aaron Slight.

In the series finale, the show’s most expensive car ever is also the rarest; two classic go anywhere vehicles – the Landrover and the Landcruiser – are still uncompromisingly basic; and Danny finally gets his leg over – a Harley.

AA TORQUE SHOW, Monday 18 June at 9:30pm on PRIME

Monday 11 June at 9.30pm

New Zealand’s own power packed AA Torque Show challenges the automotive world with an unbiased attitude and a critical eye from presenters Danny Mulheron, Roger Walker and certified speed demon Aaron Slight.

All series Danny’s been dreaming of driving a really expensive car – perhaps the Bentley Continental Flying Spur could be it. A rainy day in Taupo gets the guys out in the world’s safest truck, then Aaron – a world-beater on two wheels – has trouble when those wheels are side by side on a Segway.
AA TORQUE SHOW, Monday 11 June at 9:30pm, only on PRIME

Monday 28 May at 9.30pm

New Zealand’s own power packed AA Torque Show challenges the automotive world with an unbiased attitude and a critical eye from presenters Danny Mulheron, Roger Walker and certified speed demon Aaron Slight. This week, the Audi TT gets a makeover which makes everyone happy, two new convertibles race to see whose top comes off first, and the second four floor it in the inaugural Motormouth Celebrity Challenge.
AA TORQUE SHOW, Monday 28 May at 9:30pm, only on PRIME

MONDAY 23 April at 9.30pm

The resident motoring experts on the AA TORQUE SHOW are the first in New Zealand to get their hands on the new Jaguar XKR and ask the question – does it really herald a new era in British motorcar design and manufacture, one that doesn’t just rely on tradition?

In the hundred years or so that it’s been churning out cars, the British motor industry has had more comebacks than Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky, and it’s been about as convincing.

Plagued by nationalisation, privatisation, strikes by militant workers and the resultant reliability problems, the iconic British marques are today iconic in name only.

The new Jaguar XKR may well have changed all that. AA TORQUE SHOW presenters ROGER WALKER, DANNY MULHERON and AARON SLIGHT put the supercharged V8 through its paces this week – and they’re hoping that the XKR has taken all the things that made British cars great and dragged them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Nostalgia’s all very well, they say, but these days, looking back is for seeing who’s eating your dust.

Also on the show this week, two new muscle cars get the run around on the Taupo track– the HSV Club Sport R8 and – sorry about this, Falcon fans – the Chrysler 300c SRT 8. Traction control gets a real workout from Aaron while Danny handles the (slightly) more sedate state highway stuff. As a true petrol head with a keen ear for motoring jargon, Danny describes driving one of the V8s as “like being on top of a gorilla”.
And there’s more – including the news segment which this week looks at three new models from VW, Ford and Mitsubishi. One’s a diesel, one’s a turbo-charged makeover and one, the panel has decided, is definitely aimed at metrosexuals and footballers’ wives.

AA TORQUE SHOW… Not just for rev heads.
Monday 23 April at 9.30pm on PRIME

AA TORQUE SHOW – Monday 16 April at 9.30pm on PRIME
A rundown on the men…

DANNY MULHERON is your everyman. Well, maybe not quite the everyman who lives next door to you – the only real job Danny’s ever had was when he worked in a post office for six months. It was so long ago, he can’t remember what year it was. Ever since that mystery year though, he’s been doing things that don’t really count as work – acting, writing and directing film, TV and theatre. Regardless, Danny cuts through marketing guff and car snobbery, proudly batting for the real car-buying public.

Although Danny often tries to play down his motoring credentials, you don’t have to delve very deeply into his past to realise that deep down, Danny is probably a ‘bogan’. His most loved car was a 1964 Mark I Cortina that he restored and owned for 12 years.

Unsurprisingly, Danny says he has a romantic, rather than practical idea about cars. Some of his favourite car memories include renting a Pontiac in Los Angeles with Peter Jackson when he was making ‘Meet the Feeble’s, and driving along Sunset Boulevard at sunset in a Mustang convertible – enjoying himself in cars that were dumb but yet somehow cool, too.

AARON SLIGHT is a World Superbike legend. He raced fulltime in the World Championships from 1992 to 2000. In that time, he came third in the championship four times, and second twice. He is the only rider in the world to have won the Suzuka 8 hour race three times in a row. His racing career took him from small-town Masterton all the way to the glamour of Monaco, where he lived for six years.

Aaron retired from professional Superbike racing in 2000 after suffering a stroke. However, he went on to race in the British Touring Car Championship and Porsche Carrera Cup series in the UK. One hangover from his racing career is that most of Aaron’s hobbies revolve around keeping fit – a Superbike rider’s heart rate ranges from 175-190 beats per minute for the entire duration of a race, without any breaks, so even though he’s 41, Aaron can probably outrun most large predatory cats. Luckily, Aaron reckons that exercise can take all forms. “I used to make excuses that jet skiing was exercise, when I was racing.”

In explaining his transition from bikes to cars, Aaron says, “I always wanted to race cars, but I found myself racing motorbikes … as a kid, before I even knew about motorbikes, I used to race little matchbox cars.”

You’d be mistaken to think of Aaron as a one-dimensional, tire-smoking man racer though. “I look at the cars at a very different angle to Danny and Roger, but believe or not I’m very practical, so I like to see things work or not work … for example, a grand tourer with a paddle gearbox is not very practical for me.”

He also made sure his most recent car purchase had a chilled glove box and enough room for a pram in the back.

ROGER WALKER is AA TORQUE SHOW’s resident geriatric. We’re not actually sure how old he is, but he has admitted to owning a Model A Ford as a university student. He’s also an award-winning architect with a penchant for lots of things that start with ‘w’. Like wine. And wheels. Roger has designed a number of notable buildings over the course of his career, including the Novotel in Queenstown, and Park Mews, one of Wellington’s most recognisable houses. His designs are often quite recognisable, commonly for their prominent round windows. Although he offers quite strong intellectual reasoning for this (“it’s an element that’s missing in architecture” … “it’s more natural for the human eye to look at a circle” … “I got the idea after attending Expo ’70”), the AA TORQUE SHOW team suspect it has something to do with the fact Roger is a petrol head.

He says his interest in design led to his interest in car design, and therefore cars, and is quick to point out that the Citroen 2CV was designed by an architect. Roger has owned around 50 cars in his lifetime, and currently has a collection of five. He reckons that people should have a collection of cars in the garage, like how they have a collection of clothes in their wardrobe, but personally has a penchant for lighter, faster, and cleverly designed cars.

Get your motor running with the AA TORQUE SHOW
Monday 16 April at 9.30pm only on PRIME.

Monday 16 April at 9.30pm

AA TORQUE SHOW is back, and better than ever and on PRIME.

AA TORQUE SHOW is just about cars. There are no extreme makeovers, no wannabe pop stars, and fortunately, the hottest bodies you’ll be seeing on our show will be made out of steel.

After a hugely successful first season in 2006, AA TORQUE SHOW returns for a second round of car news and reviews. The entertainment factor is also turbocharged by visiting the race track, abandoned car parks, dodgy alleyways and possibly even your own backyard – OSH will be having a field day.

Joining intrepid, irreverent and opinionated presenters DANNY MULHERON and ROGER WALKER this season is superbike supremo and certified speed demon AARON SLIGHT.

Rather than standing around kicking tyres and looking at plastic engine covers, the three presenters will be getting their greasy hands all over the cars you’ll want to see – from Ferraris to Fords and everything in between.

Most importantly, they’ll give you an honest opinion about the cars they drive: if a car isn’t worth the rubber on its windscreen wipers, they’ll let you know. And if it’s the best thing to roll out of a factory since that car you inherited from your mum, you won’t be able to shut them up about it.