Absolute Power

Summer Nights Of Comedy: Absolute Power

UKTV – Starts Thursday 6 December, 8.30pm

Think devious, think unscrupulous, think Machiavellian – and you are about half way to describing PR gurus Charles and Martin. The cunning duo are masters of the dark art of repackaging white as black. Together they run a PR company full of ambitious, bright young things willing to sell their souls to the Devil if it makes their clients look good. On the media minefield where careers are saved and ruined, Charles and Martin rescue reputations, outwit newspaper editors, lie, cheat, manipulate, use and abuse – all in the name of the large fees their clients pay them. But will their double dealings return to haunt them? After all, what goes around surely comes around.

Stars: Stephen Fry (BlackAdder, In the Red, Gosford Park and V for Vendetta) and John Bird (Jonathan Creek, In the Red and Chambers).

“…witty and acerbic… This is a quality script with some very funny lines, especially when delivered by Fry and Bird.” Observer