Addicted To Beauty

11:30pm Tuesday, January 11 on TV2

Prepare to go under the knife and behind-the-scenes in TV2’s brand new reality series Addicted To Beauty.

In the season premiere, we are introduced the bevy of beautiful staff at the soon-to-be-opened Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa, all of whom have had some kind of nip or tuck.

The spa’s concierge, Ronnie Morgan, insists that life in La Jolla, San Diego, is immersed with cosmetic enhancement and the culture of beauty. “You cannot step two feet out of your house in La Jolla without seeing a fake pair of boobs,” he quips.

Natasha Porlas, the face for Dr Lee’s skin care line, and executive assistant to co-owner, Diane York-Goldman, doesn’t hesitate for a second when asked if she has had breast implants. “I got my boobs done because I had these cute little Bs and I really wanted bigger boobs. If I was a guy, Id probably be a boob guy,” she says.

And so the rest of the staff at the Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa chime in, admitting to their own indulgences with cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments.

Medical secretary Gary Erwin exclaims, “I’ve had Botox, lip injections, I’ve had cheek implants and rhinoplasty,” while co-owner York-Goldman admits to a whole list of eyebrow-raising procedures. “I’ve had a face lift, I’ve had my waist lipo’d, I actually have the balls of my feet injected with Restylane, that way I have a cushion when I walk,” she says.

And if Morgan’s opinion is anything to go by, the price of beauty is worth the pain, and it’s also essential if you are to find a partner in life. “Beauty is important inside and out,” he says. “If you don’t feel beautiful outside, then you’re not going to feel beautiful on the inside. And then nobody will date you.”

According to Dr Gilbert Lee, who is the practices primary plastic surgeon, York-Goldman’s connections and business savvy are essential to the survival of such a business. “She’s a La Jolla socialite,” he says. “She knows everybody. She knows the media, she knows celebrities, so having Diane associated with our practice should be great.”

As the pressure intensifies leading up to the spa’s elaborate launch party tempers flare and former rivalries are revealed as ego’s fight to take centre stage.