Nielsen have released some interesting data for advertisers who have spent the most on TV ads during the Superbowl in the US.

The top 10 advertisers from 2009 – 2013 are:


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This TV ad for Dreamscape Networks’ Crazy Domains featuring Pamela Anderson has been banned in the UK over fears it was degrading to women and a tad on the sexist side.

Four viewer complaints were enough for Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority to pull the ad. It has since become a hit on the internet.

warehouse-logoWe’ll soon be seeing a whole lot more of the big red shed on TV screens with The Warehouse planning infomercial-style advertisements.

Warehouse Group CEO Mark Powell told TV3’s Firstline this morning that one of the strategies the company is planning is to run TV infomercials.

“It’s one avenue of communicating with our customers,” says Powell.

“What it really means is longer advertorials really showing the features and benefits of products I think are helpful. They help sell products, rather than just showing five seconds of a product.”

This Libra TV ad for tampons proved to be the most-complained about ad in NZ last year.

The Advertising Standards Authority’s annual report listed the ads that proved to be the most worrisome for some New Zealanders and Libra’s offering topped the list.

The ad, which received 53 complaints, features a drag queen engaged in a preening competition with another woman that was won by the latter by taking a tampon out of her bag. Continue reading »

TV is still leading the charge when it comes to advertising earnings.

The small screen accounted for 28.4 percent of all advertising in 2012, according to statistics from the Advertising Standards Authority.

While TV ad revenue was down $4 million on 2011, it still outperformed newspaper, interactive and radio in a year of overall decline. Continue reading »

Joaquin Phoenix is featuring in a provocative new ad for PETA.

The actor is shown underwater, struggling for breath, with his voice-over explaining: “In water, humans drown just as fish suffocate on land. It’s slow and painful and frightening. … Put yourself in their place. Try to relate. Go vegan”.

The ad was supposed to air during the upcoming Academy Awards broadcast in the US but the ABC network deemed it “too political and controversial”. Continue reading »

Guy Ritchie directing David Beckham in a “short film”?

Seems unlikely but it has actually happened and this ad is the result.

The new Paris Saint-Germain recruit features in the 90-second ad for his H&M bodywear range where he chases a car through the streets of Los Angeles after getting locked out of his house.

Super Bowl ads are such a big deal in the US that Samsung has released a teaser for theirs.

The company has enlisted Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd for their 120-second Super Bowl ad and the pair feature in this minute-long teaser where they pitch ideas to use. Continue reading »

Volkswagen have been accused of racism in their Super Bowl ad where as white man speaks in a Jamaican accent in order to cheer up co-workers.

“Don’t fret me brother. The sticky bun come soon,” he says to a co-worker struggling with a vending machine.

“You know what this room needs? A smile. Who want to come with I?” he tells his co-workers after a depressing meeting.

Barbara Lippert from said: “Didn’t anyone look at this? This is so racist. It’s just saying that black people are happy.” Continue reading »

Is this ad for fast food newcomer Carl’s Jr really all that bad?

The “sex sells” angle is as old as the hills and we see it in ads every night, so what’s different about this one?

The Tui  ads target the male audience in the same manner as Carl’s Jr are doing here (and here).

The operator of the franchise, Russel Creedy of Restaurant Brands, appealed the rulings by both the Commercial Approvals Bureau and the Advertising Standards Authority to ban the ad in New Zealand.

Creedy appealed on the grounds that the ad would only air after 8.30pm, citing the amount of explicit content already on TV after that time.

Would you object to seeing this ad on TV?