Aerial Britain

HISTORY CHANNEL – Wednesday 6 April, 8.30pm

This stunning aerial series is split into three parts. Building Britain, Britain at Work and Spiritual Britain. The series includes the best and most beautiful houses in the country: Britain contains a greater variety of domestic architecture than almost anywhere in the world and the story of Building Britain is wrapped up in the country’s history. The aerial journey seeks out Britain’s past and present industries, from sheep farming in Tudor times to steel production in the 19th century, as well as the power needed for fuelling industry, from water power to nuclear power. All this can be seen across the country, telling the story behind Britain at Work.

Spiritual Britain, discovers how sacred and secular places shaped the landscape of Britain. From the southern tip of Cornwall to the cliffs of Orkney, Britain is touched by spiritual places, sanctified by centuries of worship. They have become more than just spiritual places – they are part of the fabric of Britain and the history that stretches back to the Normans and beyond.