UKTV – Thursday 3 April, 9.30pm

Robert Bridge is a psychology lecturer, grieving the loss of his young son Josh who was killed in a car accident three years earlier. A specialist in the study of psychic mediums, Robert is invited to an ‘evening of clairvoyance’ where he meets Alison Mundy. Reluctant and cautious, she is a far cry from the fraudulent psychics that skeptic Robert is used to. Alison is different, ever since she was a child she has seen spirits and after a near death experience they have taken over her life – when she passes people in the street she isn’t sure if they are dead or alive, when she lies in bed at night she can’t escape the voices that cry out to her. Driven by a compulsion to help those around her, Alison seeks to resolve relationships torn apart by death. When Alison’s readings provoke an adverse reaction in one of Robert’s own pupils, he begins to study her with the intention of writing about her work and the people she helps. But their association is thrown into crisis when Alison reveals she is in touch with Robert’s son.
Starring: Andrew Lincoln (This Life and Teachers), Lesley Sharp (Vera Drake and Clocking Off).