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Last week we called Fairfax out for running an advertisement for TVNZ as a news item.

The supposed hidden camera prank is now appearing as sponsored content on Facebook.



When a TVNZ credited hidden camera video for one of their returning TV series suddenly appears on a news website with a heading “Robyn Malcolm punks house hunters” and the story doesn’t contain any author attribution, I can only assume this is a paid advertorial.  I’m calling BS on this one…

Last week, Joe Gilfillan, part of Blacksand, TVNZ’s creative team that puts together promotions for TV One tweeted: Continue reading »

short-poppiesTVNZ have provided some insight as to why Rhys Darby’s new comedy Short Poppies is heading to Netflix before it is screening in New Zealand.

TVNZ originally looked at scheduling Short Poppies for TV ONE in late 2013 and the producers lined up a deal for the show to go on Netflix in 2014 based on that understanding.

We then made a call to hold on to the series until this year so we could play it together with our other comedy commissions Agent Anna and Coverband to create a strong strand of local comedy for TV ONE this year – but by that point the producers had closed their deal with Netflix. Continue reading »

The 2014 TV Guide Best On The Box awards winners are announced. There are a few surprises…

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nz-on-air-640I must say, we’re pretty excited about 26 new episodes of Jono and Ben at Ten!

NZ On Air is pleased to announce funding for the return of three popular comedy programmes.

Agent Anna is being supported for a second and longer season after the successful first series starring Robyn Malcolm ran on TV One earlier this year. The scripted comedy from Great Southern Television was the highest rating NZ On Air-funded comedy programme for the 2012/2013 financial year. Continue reading »

agent-annaAfter seeing yesterday’s glowing press release from TVNZ about the ratings for Agent Anna I thought I would pose the question is Agent Anna worth watching to those who, unlike myself, had seen more than the first episode.  I had given the show a poor review so, wanting to be fair, I thought I’d see what response you, our readers, had towards the show.

The results of that poll ended up being a little skewed and biased after Robyn Malcolm, posted on Facebook and Twitter:

Fancy voting on this? V cynical poll re Agent Anna I reckon, with comments based on only first episode. If you feel like having a say go for it!! x Continue reading »

agent-annaThis morning TVNZ sent out a press release celebrating the ratings success of Robyn Malcom’s new show, Agent Anna.  When we reviewed it we found it pretty hard to watch and while we don’t appear to be alone, the ratings would suggest that people are still watching it.

So, here is a question for those who have seen more than the first episode.  Is it really worth watching?

Is Agent Anna worth sticking with?

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anna_kinston-robyn-malcolmWe sat down to watch the pilot of Agent Anna on the weekend, excited at the prospect of Robyn Malcolm’s return to the small screen after her epic performance over six incredible seasons of Outrageous Fortune.  TVNZ had pegged the show quite closely to OF in its description as the story of an embattled solo mum who is down on her luck and turns to the world of real estate to reverse her fortunes but it is there that the comparisons end.

Malcolm wanted to play a different type of character to the Westie mum Cheryl West.

Anna (my character) was built on the idea that I wanted to play someone who had no hint of hero about her at all.

And hero Anna most certainly is not. Continue reading »

Every year around this time the TV networks in New Zealand roll out their new season packages, giving us a glimpse as to what lies ahead for the following year.  Head of TV One and TV2, Jeff Latch described TVNZ’s 2013 new season as offering “a stronger and more exciting range of programmes than ever before”. I beg to differ.

In the 50 plus years of television in New Zealand, does he honestly believe that statement?  There is no new hit like a Grey’s Anatomy or Desperate Housewives so I’m not sure what he’s referring to at all.

Latch also believes “the strong local programme line-up, the new and returning News and Current Affairs programming and the extensive showcase of outstanding international content means that TVNZ will continue to deliver the nation’s most watched content”.  But as we know, most watched does not equate to best. Continue reading »