Air Medics

8:00pm Tuesday, December 20 on TV One

Time flies when you are saving lives.

The Great North Air Ambulance is one of the few medical services in England which flies highly trained doctors directly to the scene of serious accidents. There, they can set up intensive care units by the roadside, even perform surgery in the field.

This is extreme front line medicine where doctors are put to the ultimate test.

Tonight, the crew races to the scene of a serious car crash, where four people are trapped and petrol is leaking onto the road.

They also attend a remote motorbike accident. In the chopper’s navigator seat is Suzie Pritchard, one of only a few female flying doctors in the country.

8:00pm Tuesday, December 13 on TV One

Time flies when you are saving lives.

When the hotline rings, the courageous helicopter paramedics of the Great North Air Ambulance have just four minutes to scramble and get into the air.

Known locally as the ‘Angels of the North’, the crew are called out to some of the worst trauma cases over their 8000 square mile patch.

Cases can range from car crashes to mountain rescues, heart attacks to stabbings. Seven days a week, 365 days a year, the crew have to face terrible weather conditions, fading light and wild terrain in order to reach their patients in time.

Filmed against the breathtaking landscape of the Pennines and Lake District, Air Medics shows the gritty reality of real-life helicopter rescues, where tragically, every story cannot be one of success.