Documentary Channel – Tuesdays from 6 October, 8.30pm

The Changing Face of Global Terrorism. Award-winning BBC journalist Peter Taylor has been reporting on global terrorism for over 35 years. From the conflicts in Northern Ireland, Spain, the Middle East and Africa, to more recent events involving al-Qaeda and Islamist extremists in the UK and around the world. He has made three groundbreaking series about al-Qaeda in the last few years. He was a reporter on Bloody Sunday in 1972 and since then has made over 70 documentaries and written seven books on terror. In the first of two special investigations, AL-QAEDA: TIME TO TALK? premiering on Documentary Channel, Tuesday 6th October, Taylor concludes that Iraq has become the dominant radicalizing and recruiting force for many Muslims and that British support for US foreign policy has made Britain a prime target. With the so-called ‘War on Terror’ far from won, and the August 2008, chaos at UK airports, is it time to consider a new approach?