Alaska Wing Men 2

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 6 July, 9.30pm

In Alaska’s untamed wilderness even the simplest jobs can be filled with danger and it takes expert pilots to make sure the most basic services keep running. Dustin and Jag fly support for the local power company, helping to reconfigure nearly 80 kilometres of power lines that have been damaged by avalanches. The Department of Fish and Game has contracted Drake for a survey flight of the local waterways, but it will mean making a dangerous landing on a narrow strip of gravel in Alaska’s rugged backcountry.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 1 June, 9.30pm

Drake, a former racecar driver, drops a group of survivalists on a treacherous mountain top in the middle of the wilderness. Don helps a young romantic execute a top-secret mission. Dustin risks a dangerous landing while transporting a group of world famous heli-skiers into the remote mountains they love.