Alaska Wing Men

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 18 May, 9.30pm

The Sitka herring run sees some intense and competitive fishing. Fishermen can make a lot of money in a short period of time and so can pilots. Young twin pilots Jay and Keller are new to herring spotting. They are one of over a dozen planes that will be competing for a limited amount of fish. Bad weather reduces visibility, and makes flying this fishery even more treacherous. The pilots must direct their captain around the other boats and to the schools before the season closes… and they don’t have much time to do it.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Friday 4 May, 9.30pm

The Iron Dog is known as the longest, toughest, most extreme snowmobile race in the world. Racers brave wildly dangerous terrain, bitterly cold temperatures, and speeds well over 160 kilometres an hour in this three-thousand-kilometre endurance race. To make their journey possible, the snowmobile racers on the ground rely on their Alaska Wing Men to be their flying ‘pit-crew.’ Pilots Matthew, Jim and Keith load their planes to the limit with parts and supplies, and take great risks to follow their teams through some of the most dangerous flying conditions imaginable.