Alaska’s State Troopers: Frontier Force

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 27 May, 8.30pm

The Alaska State Troopers are one of the world’s most unique law enforcement agencies. Travel across the icy state’s vast frontier as troopers fight crime in Brevig Mission, survey the devastating flooding of the mighty Yukon River, go inside the walls of Anvil Mountain Correction Centre in Nome, and take a few minutes to watch part of the famed Iditarod Dog Sled Race.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Thursday 29 April, 8.30pm

Go inside one of the world’s most unique law enforcement agencies as the Alaska State Troopers fight crime, enforce fish and game regulations, and conduct search and rescue operations in America’s last frontier. This episode takes viewers all over this enormous state as Troopers fight crime on the streets of Wasilla, conduct a search and rescue operation on the frozen Yukon River, enforce hunting regulations in the wilds near Fairbanks, and train for survival in Sitka.