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Due to the All Blacks homecoming celebrations in Auckland today, there have been some alterations to this afternoon’s television schedules.

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john-campbell-2013-300The All Blacks’ match against Samoa next month will have a very special guest with TV presenter John Campbell joining SKY Sport’s presentation team for the historic game in Apia.

SKY Sport is thrilled to welcome one of New Zealand’s most popular news presenters to SKY’s rugby stable for the one-off test. The former Campbell Live host is a rugby fanatic and was the driving force behind a vocal campaign to get the All Blacks to play their first-ever match in Samoa. Continue reading »

Thanks to the All Black’s major sponsor, the game between them and the USA Eagles at Soldier Field in Chicago is being streamed live around the world. All you need is Hola.

This streaker at the All Blacks game over the weekend got absolutely pummelled by a security guard. Was it too much or justified?

Piracy has been a problem for content creators since forever but over time, business models have been forced to change. It is simply a case of evolve, or die. The music industry suffered immensely from the likes of Napster in the early 2000’s but finally learned to embrace the digital era with the creation of services like Spotify. For TV and movies we now have services like Quickflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.

People seem happy to pay a reasonable fee for the content they want. And if they can’t, they choose to access it via alternative means, usually free. This results in the potential conditioning of consumers who, even when prices and services improve, remain content with their existing arrangements.

Consumers will always seek out a better deal if there is one. In the case of New Zealand, we are limited by TV networks who delay scheduling and charge what they like due to the lack of competition in the subscription TV space. Consumers, for years, have protested. Initially, many were downloading the content they want via bit torrent, file lockers or Usenet. Many still are. But there are a growing number of people who are using legitimate international services to access the content they want at a fraction of the cost of what they would pay locally.

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skytv_logoThe FIFA World Cup began this morning and like practically every other sporting event, Sky has the monopoly on it.  Sport is possibly the most compelling reason why anyone would become a Sky subscriber and while a lot of content can be sourced from elsewhere, it is sport that gifts Sky its dominant position.  That is, up until now.

Last week it was reported that there are possibly 30,000 subscribers in New Zealand to the US streaming service Netflix.  While many are happy to pay money to access scripted content from foreign streaming services, there is a belief that the only option for viewing sport is through Sky.  The reality is that just like Netflix, much of the sport content New Zealanders love to watch is also available via reputable and legitimate sources and the method to gain access is identical.

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david-de-lautourIn case watching the All Blacks isn’t dramatic enough at times, The Kick will no doubt add another opportunity to relive the dramatic tension of watching our national team play.

New Zealand born actor David de Lautour has been cast to play iconic All Black Stephen Donald in the upcoming TV ONE drama The Kick, portraying his role in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

With credits including Hart of DixieMomOnce Upon A TimeNCIS: Los Angeles and Beauty And The Beast, David returns from his base in Los Angeles to take up the role, which he says is a golden opportunity.

“Stephen Donald’s kick is an iconic moment in All Blacks history, and as a huge rugby fan, it’s an honour to be playing an All Black such as Stephen.” Continue reading »

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americas-cup-logo-300If the number of press releases TVNZ have sent out about the America’s Cup ratings are anything to go by, it seems as though they don’t really care that their coverage is doing so well.

On Sunday, the average audience for the first two races of the America’s Cup was 522,720 viewers.  This peaked at 669,200 viewers at the end of the second race.

Compare this to the All Blacks vs Argentina the night before.  An average audience of 508,500 viewers tuned in with the peak only reaching 535,100.  When the All Blacks played Australia in Wellington, the average audience was 585,000 viewers and the peak was 634,500 at the end of the game.  This was, though, prime time. Continue reading »

Looking back over the last week or so, I’ve spent more time in front of a computer screen than a TV screen for my TV needs.  It started with keeping track of developments at Parliament with the Privileges Hearing, and of course the now infamous two dead snapper held up by David Shearer.

via TV3 News

via TV3 News

On Saturday I found myself with net access but in a place without Sky TV.  A little nimble Google-Fu had me watching the All Blacks a mere 1 minute 40 seconds delayed over the live broadcast.

Next, I tuned into the Louis Vuitton Cup final races just before taking the kids to school – then rushing back to see Team New Zealand take the cup.

In an increasingly busy life with lots of commitments but improving connectivity, I seem to squeeze my TV watching in when I can, often multi-tasking (ahem, working…).  The days of sitting in front of the TV are coming to an end for me.

I want it when I want it, I want what I want, and I want traditional media channels to make it available to me.  Now.

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Confirmation has just come through about the time/channel for the Maori All Blacks v Canada at Oxford University on Saturday November 24.

The game will be LIVE on SKY Sport 1 @ 8.20am with kickoff at 8.30am