All Boy (The Documentary Channel)

It’s not only the western economy that is in a funk these days, please
spare a thought for the creative, poor, but good-looking young men who,
in their ephebic years, could always rely on making much more money by
getting their clothes off and getting it on than working in a dead-end
job, but now, thanks to the creative destructive forces of the internet,
file sharing and sheer ease of satisfying customer demand for fresh
faces, the economics of the porn industry have collapsed under the
weight of over-supply of films, easy DIY marketing and zero distribution
A Finnish documentary, Poikien Bisnes (All Boys),
seen on NZ’s Documentary Channel the other night, was a worthwhile
attempt to trace the gay porn business in Central Europe, especially its
move eastwards by producers searching for ever cheaper models. If you
have been fed up with all that relentless Czech and Hungarian twink for
the past decade, you are not alone! But the expose of the sheer
exploitation by mostly foreign (German, American) porn producers –
inevitably always sleazy old men – of any hairless, white, uncut,
well-hung young man with a swimmer’s physique, is the film’s major
strength. One of them proudly told us that his was the first full length
bareback movie which heralded the condom-less trend in porn production,
and which has led to a general disregard for the health and safety of
his ’employees’. And then he had the hypocritical gall to tell us that
his favourite model ‘didn’t love him’ or ‘only thought of himself’, so
he had to get rid of the boy after his cherubic years were over, back to
the homelessness of the Prague streets, while bemoaning the fact that
his films were available all over the internet for free and he’s not
able to make money anymore from trawling the Eastern European back
alleys for fresh meat. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for him. But the
health havoc he caused is unforgivable.