All For One

Sunday 8 February, 5.30pm on TV6

Local series All For One chronicles the on-going saga of life as witnessed and suffered by a group of teenage idealists.

Led by Tom Coleman (Paikea Skold) and his best mate Lavendar Gibson (Lottie Irvine) – who really wants to be a feminist plumber – the pupils of Greenhill School learn to take whatever fate has to throw at them – and throw it back.

Whether it’s turning a deadbeat soccer team into a well-oiled machine, putting on a play, or just plain growing up, they conspire to let no evil bully, sinister soccer coach, adult-in-general or kid-in-particular, get in their way.

In the first episode, Lavendar isn’t going to be bullied by creepy Crowe (Frank Whitten). She is determined to get a mixed soccer team. Mr Crowe, however, makes a rash promise.