All New The Cleveland Show

8:00pm – Thursday, May 12 on FOUR

Justin Timberlake is no stranger to lending his voice to animated characters. The singer-turned-actor recently hit the big screen as Boo Boo Bear in Yogi Bear. And this week fans will be able to catch JT voice a different kind of character in The Cleveland Show, continuing its latest season on Thursday, May 12th at 8pm on FOUR.

Timberlake’s guest-starring episode, titled “Terry Unmarried”, will revolve around two big revelations in Cleveland’s personal life. Things take a turn when Cleveland discovers that his wife, Donna, never legally divorced her ex-husband, making their marriage illegitimate.

Soon after, Cleveland finds out that his best friend, Terry, is gay. “Terry [voiced by Jason Sudeikis] falls in love with a guy voiced by Justin Timberlake,” show creator Rich Appel explains about the episode, adding; “Justin is just hysterical!”

With these new developments, the foursome decides to travel to Vermont for a double wedding ceremony!

Make sure not to miss the hilarity that follows when The Cleveland Show screens on Thursday, May 12th at 8pm on FOUR.