‘Allo ‘Allo

9:30pm Monday, December 31 on Prime

Comedy Series

Shown in over 50 countries, this hilarious parody of World War II Resistance dramas has a huge following around the world and is one of the most successful BBC comedies ever!

What a big rip off the zone 4 DVD’s rubbish is

For one example ‘Allo ‘Allo in the UK (Zone 2) has Subtitles, But NZ zone 4 does not (not that I need it) but you never know when I got on into the Retirement years, I might just find it useful, thats if they still made DVD!! and I could still remember how to use it.

Then the Introduction leading up to the menu is rubbish compared to the slightly higher standards of the zone 2 DVD

Basically I think the zoning system on DVD is just one way of handing us zone 4 either rubbish or in other cases nothing at all!

Some good news Allo Allo series 5 part one is out Part two will be out on 26th December at Amazon UK.

this show beats all the crap on free to air TV