Amazing Race Australia

7:30pm Monday, September 19 on TV2

The adventure begins tonight on TV2 with the brand new series Amazing Race Australia which will be on screen two nights a week (Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm).

Tonight, Kiwi host Grant Bowler (Panic At Rock Island) invites 22 contestants from all over Australia to conquer the world in the brand new series: Amazing Race Australia.

With passports and maps at the ready, 11 teams are setting out on the race of their lives.

Starting at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, they’ll cover 50,000km, four continents, 12 countries and 23 cities before returning to Australia to crown the winners.

The adventure will see them criss-cross the globe, unsure of what challenges lie ahead. What they do know is that the race will be fast-paced and unrelenting. It will test their ability to work together as a team, challenge their personal relationships and provide life-changing experiences. Along the way they’ll confront fears, develop confidence, experience new cultures and make lifelong friends.

At each destination, teams will compete in a series of challenges – some mental and some physical. And some teams will find the biggest challenge is just getting there. Ahead they’ll face dizzying heights, heavy loads, confronting foreignfoods, language barriers, money concerns and races to the pit stop as well as roadblocks, detours, fast-forwards, yields and u-turns.

Who will have the right combination of strategy, strength, skill and teamwork to win the $250,000 prize?

Host Grant Bowler says: “This race is going to be enormous. The route is simply incredible. “One thing that instantly makes it different is it’s full of Australians. The teams are a wonderful bunch of people, with huge diversity between and within the teams, and some fantastic characters that are iconically Australian.”