America Exposed

America Exposed – Uncut! The Secret Tapes Of Richard Speck

Crime Investigation Network – Wednesday 23 January, 9.30pm

The summer of 1966 was boiling in Chicago. Race riots burned up the west side and captured most of the headlines. But on one night in July, a crime occurred that shook the nation. The murder of eight nurses in their south-side townhouse was more than anyone could have imagined. This was the crime that took America’s innocence. The man responsible for the crimes was Richard Speck. At the time, there was no Bundy, no Gacy, no Dahmer. Speck personified all that was evil. Convicted of the crimes, Speck sat silently in prison, apparently never talking about the murders until his death in the early 1990s. CI has uncovered an amazing home video made before Speck’s death. In this exclusive look, the killer talks with cold recollection of his crimes. We hear what he thought at the time. It is chilling. Using Speck’s own words from the video, we will learn what happened and gain an amazing insight into one of America’s worst mass murders.