American Idol 8

OK so it was group 1 last night and I have to say there were some HORRIBLE songs and/or singers!  Found myself agreeing much more with the judges, even at this early stage then I ever have before.  I think Kara has been a great addition to the judges and has meant that Paula has had to up her game. (Thank God!)

Here’s my rundown:

1 Jackie – A Little Less Conversation – What was that??  OK I guess she tried to put her own spin on it which is kinda good but the vocal acrobatics were not! Low one minute squeaks the next.  It was like she was saying “Look how clever I am.” Then the way she moved the whole song bugged me.

2 Ricky – Song For You – This was OK.  Like Paula said we hadn’t seen much of him in Hollywood week.  He wasn’t bad.  Just OK  I wouldn’t be upset if he got through but just not sure he will, coz there is a whole heap of other people to go.

3 Alexsis – Never Loved A Man – Not much to say.  This I LOVED!  Dark Horse?  Maybe

4 Brent – Hicksville – Quite liked this.  The guy can sing, but it was a bit safe and not sure its enough to get him through

5 Stevie – You Belong With Me – Oh I so felt sorry for her!  It was BAD.  No other description.  She obviously was nervous (who wouldn’t be) and is only 16 – but  Archie wasn’t much older… Did think Ryan was lovely to her though

6 Anoop – Angel Of Mine – Blah song but sung OK. I guess

7 Cassey – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – This wasn’t! Yuck  Once again she tried to change it up and it just did not work AT ALL. She handled herself well with Ryan.  I think her Mum was a tad OTT though LOL

8 Michael – I don’t Wanna Be – I like this guy and thought this song was good but once again not sure it will get him through.  Given the judges comments though I wouldn’t be surprized to see him back as a wildcard

9 Anne Marie – You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman – I need to preface this by saying I HATE THIS SONG.  That said I also HATED this version! Yuck Yuck Yuck in fact I even turned over to see the score in the cricket!  Next..

10 Stephen – Rock with You – *Sigh* Nope Next…

11 Tatijana – Saving All My Love For You – “I worked really really hard.”  NEWSFLASH Nobody else did?  I CAN”T STAND THIS JUMPED UP LITTLE TART! So she was more subdued but that just seemed more forced to me and Simon was so right “You are an utter Drama Queen”  I like nothing about her and as for her “This is my dream America and its up to you to make it come true.” GRRRRR  Doesn’t have my vote.(Can ya tell?)

12 Danny – Hero – Sublime! It wasn’t overdone. He didn’t hsve to push it aLa Tatiana AnneMarie or Cassey. Just fantastic! and this is the first of his songs!!  I had to smile to myself Simon had to try so hard not to praise him.  I could see him thinking “This is only week 1”  He’s not buying into the hype YET but I think he will. He is just buying time…

My Picks to go through:

Danny Alexsis and probably Anoop (or Ricky LOL)



Watch out auditions here we come (Gonna be hard to top the Chicken Man’s undying love for Simon though)

This year there is a 4th judge – Kara di somebody or other.  A few reasons (well 2) I came up with for this are

*Having an even gender balance.


*Having a female who can actually make sense with the feedback they give!

Also in the audition rounds in previous seasons there was often only 2 judges.  This would allow for a back up 3rd judge when needed.  (Not that she is being used only as a backup)

Kara is a songwriter/backing singer I think.  Mostly of the Pop/Ballad Genre.  I couldn;t tell you what exactly she has written but I definitely recognise her name.