America’s Cup

americas-cup-logo-300Dana Johannsen is calling for a boycott of the next America’s Cup after the rules for the next event seriously skewed things in favour of the defender, Oracle Team USA.

The biggest deterrent for challengers is the structure of the next event, which will be staged in four parts.

The first, the America’s Cup world series, is similar to the format that was introduced in the lead-up to the last event, but the new plans will expand on that with (allegedly) more teams, more regular regattas and more host cities. Continue reading »

americas-cup-logo-300Whatever happens on the water in San Francisco tomorrow, in my mind, whoever wins the next race should be the winners of the 34th America’s Cup.

Sure, Oracle have been docked two points for cheating, but I don’t really fancy the idea of winning the cup on a technicality.  Nor do I fancy the thought of the decision being made by lawyers if Oracle do end up making it to 9 wins on the water first.

The ratings have been incredible as the entire nation have gotten in behind Team New Zealand but I really do feel that it’s our last chance tomorrow seal it.  If not, it’s not going to be a case of our team choking.  The other team will have beaten us by simply improving their boat speed and crew work.  (Unless, of course, they’ve added some extra lead to the boat) Continue reading »

What a frustrating morning of America’s Cup races.  To add insult to injury, TVNZ’s commentary team has been lambasted on Twitter for their negativity, particularly Martin Tasker. Continue reading »

americas-cup-logo-300While the ratings for TVNZ’s coverage of the America’s Cup have been incredibly high, so have the number of streams they’ve been serving for people who haven’t been able to be in front of a televion.

Across the Americas Cup final races (since Sunday 8th September), there have been over a million live streams on the TVNZ website. The volume of streams have increased throughout the finals, with over 250,000 streams for this morning’s race alone. Weekday streams perform significantly better online than weekend. This demonstrates the strength of alternative viewing platforms when people are less able to watch on TV. Continue reading »

americas-cup-logo-300Thanks to the two penalty points, Oracle’s decision to play their postponement card, a race abandonment due to high wind and today’s postponement due to high wind, the America’s Cup will now be raced every day until a winner is decided.

Depending on how things go, we could be in for 5 straight race days.  This is unlikely to happen though as the exhaustion of racing those big boats and exerting all that energy will probably produce more errors and ultimately gift results to the team that can maintain their stamina.

One thing’s for sure, the ratings for TVNZ are likely to be very, very good the next few days as Team New Zealand are only two wins away from claiming the cup. Continue reading »

americas-cup-logo-300While TVNZ remain silent on the success of their America’s Cup coverage, yesterday’s ratings for the America’s Cup races between Team New Zealand and Oracle saw an increase of 26% on the previous Monday. The average audience for races 9 and 10 was 542,675 viewers.

The ratings have been enormous so far, particularly for the time of the day they are on.

Sunday, September 8th: 522,725
Monday, September 9th: 432,350
Wednesday, September 11th: 509,600
Friday, September 13th: 633,950
Sunday, September 15th: 812,030
Monday, September 16th: 542,675

Average: 575,556 Continue reading »

throng 640x90

americas-cup-logo-300Last week we compared the ratings of the All Blacks tests on Sky and TVNZ’s coverage of the America’s Cup and also took a look at what affect having sport on free-to-air television has on the ratings.  Those numbers, however, have been completely dwarfed by yesterday’s viewers.  TVNZ are still strangely absent in talking about it.

The average audience last Sunday was about 523,000 viewers.  Yesterday saw those numbers take a massive leap upwards by 55% to 812,030, making it the most watched program of the day.  The peak for yesterday’s coverage came in as the second race was abandoned with 954,700 viewers tuned in for the drama on San Francisco Bay.  941,200 viewers were glued to their screens as Aotearoa lurched towards disaster but thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The ratings have been pretty impressive for TVNZ so it is a mystery to me as to why they haven’t said anything about how successful their coverage has been or how so many kiwis are tuning in for their coverage.  I would have thought it would have been something they would be very proud of.

Here’s how the ratings have looked for the coverage so far: Continue reading »

After losing the first race this morning and then having a real nail-biter of a contest in the second, getting the blood pressure back to normal is probably what a lot of Kiwis are after this morning.  Here are a few America’s Cup images that are going around at the moment.

While there has been speculation that Oracle sailing around Team New Zealand while they were on the verge of tipping over actually created enough of a wind disturbance to prevent Aotearoa from reaching any further, there is speculation that the divine intervention that prevented a disaster came from somewhere else.


Or it could just have been as simple as this:

TNZ-dog-lampost Continue reading »

Thankfully those heart palpitations were only momentary this morning and it didn’t end up like this: