America’s Dumbest

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursdays from 2 December, 9.00pm

We take a look at the dumbest people America has to offer, from a security guard getting caught pleasuring himself on his own cameras, to a shopkeeper who decides to grab hold of a machete with his bare hands. They are big, but they’re definitely not clever, they are America’s Dumbest.


Clip show featuring some of the most inept activity ever caught on film.

Catch people unknowingly making complete fools of themselves on tape – from dim-witted cops, stupid criminals to soon-to-be disgraced citizens who have been immortalised on hilarious surveillance or news camera footage. Snappily edited, and presented with tongue-in-cheek humour, AMERICA’S DUMBEST is as hilarious as it is eye opening.

AMERICA’S DUMBEST, Thursday 3rd January at 8.00pm