America’s Toughest Jobs

TUESDAY 26th May 9:40PM


The final four contestants battle it out to be the fastest as they redo elements of three jobs they have already mastered to win America’s Toughest Jobs. The finale will re-visit the most memorable places and spectacular jobs of the season.  It will be a mad dash to the end as the competitors are eliminated one-by-one until there is only one left standing. Only that person can claim that they conquered America’s toughest jobs!

The remaining five contestants learn the life and death skills needed to save injured climbers on the tallest and most dangerous peak in North America.

The boss explains the dangers of high altitude search and rescue and sends them on an exhausting ski-trip to base camp with 50 lb. packs and sleds.

After setting up camp, they undergo rescue and safety training. The worst two must endure a final test. Who will be eliminated?

Tuesday 19th May 9.30pm on PRIME

It is down to six contestants this week as they head deep into the mountains to chop, choke, and dismember logs. The team will work long days cutting trees, attaching cables, and operating heavy equipment.

After identifying the two worst workers the boss will put them to back work while the rest enjoy some rest and a hot meal. Who will be sent home?

There are only seven contestants left in this reality series and this week they are pushed to limit when they must overcome any fear they may have of heights.

They participants must clean and paint a 35 storey building. As usual, anyone who lags behind will be eliminated.

Eight contestants take on 2000 lbs of rage – a bull! They will work with the world’s finest bull fighters, who will watch their every move to make sure they are ready to enter the ring and then judge them on their performance.

Then they will have to gather all their courage and go face to face with one of the world’s most dangerous animals. The bottom two must go back inside the ring to play a game of ‘bull hockey’ and the loser will be eliminated.


Nine contestants learn the dangerous and back breaking job of working at a West Texas oil rig.

They will have to carry heavy supplies, climb a rig, scrub it clean, and haul pipes of 30 feet in length under the hot Texas sun all in hopes of hitting oil.

The four underperformers will be assigned additional work and the boss will send the worst worker home.

TUESDAY 7th April

Ten contestants will navigate the dangers of professional monster truck racing by first building a course and then driving a monster truck through it. After designing their course, the contestants get dirty, positioning cars for crushing and building dirt ramps.

Then they will drive a giant monster truck in front of a crowd of 16,000 people. The four worst drivers get one more chance to prove themselves and one will be eliminated.

TUESDAY 31st March

Eleven contestants learn the skills of gold prospecting in order to find real gold. Loaded with heavy camping gear they arrive at a remote Alaskan creek and set up camp.

The pressure is on as they work long hours that require back-breaking stamina and meticulous attention to detail, all in freezing wild Alaskan rapids.

The boss will decide who hasn’t worked hard enough, and the four lowest performing workers must go back into the creek to compete against each other in a race for gold. In the end, the person with the least amount of gold goes home.

Tuesday March 24 at 9:35pm on Prime


12 contestants drive 18-wheelers above the Arctic Circle to deliver supplies to Deadhorse, Alaska, one of the world’s most remote locations.

After exhaustive training, the contestants pair up and drive in shifts for two days and hundreds of miles through steep, mountain passes on deadly, frozen highways.

Once they arrive at their destination, the boss requires four workers to complete a final delivery course where all they have learned will be put to the test. The worst performer is sent packing.

Tuesday March 17 at 9:30pm on Prime

In this new series thirteen people compete by working America’s Toughest Jobs. Each week, contestants face a new job at a new geographical location under the watch of a tough and experienced boss.

The challenge is to survive several days on the job or get the axe. The winner will get a grand prize equal to the combined first year salary of all the jobs they’ve performed.

This week the contestants embark on an extraordinary and potentially career changing journey on two crab boats. The boss describes the dangers of crab fishing and puts the contestants to work grinding mushy fish for bait, setting traps, hauling and sorting crabs, and cleaning the deck. After an exhausting 40 hours of working on the boats, the bosses send the worst four workers back out to sea for another 30 hour run! The worst of the bottom four will be eliminated.