Ancient Rome: The Rise And Fall Of An Empire

Documentary Channel – Saturday 5 September, 8.30pm

The definitive history of the world’s first superpower…Combining CGI with spectacular live action battles, this dramatized documentary series tells the true story of ancient Rome through six crucial moments that helped shape the destiny of the Empire. This is the story of some of the most powerful rulers in history – a story of greed, lust, decadence and bloody ambition. Staring in 146 BC the series begins with Rome finally destroying its ancient enemy Carthage: leading to the celebrated victory of Julius Caesar and the overthrow of the Republic: the dramatic story of how Emperor Nero descended into madness; the story of the biggest rebellion in Imperial history – the Jewish Revolt; how Constantine brought Christianity to the Empire; and finally the downfall of Rome, told through the tale of Alaric the Goth. Factually accurate and based on extensive historical research, this revealing series portrays Roman life as it really was: gritty, sordid and magnificent. Never before has the true story of Rome been presented with such dramatic reality. CGI is mixed with compelling drama, a stunning cast and spectacular live-action battles to create the definitive television history of how the Empire was formed, how it achieved maximum power and why eventually it failed.

EP1 – NERO: Part love story, part cautionary tale, this episode shows how the ruler of a quarter of the people in the known world went insane and took Rome to the edge of ruin. The film begins with the Great Fire of Rome. Nero did not in fact fiddle while Rome burned. It seems he did all he could to save lives. Even so, almost the entire city was destroyed.