Andrew Shaw

Stoppress have some interesting thoughts from TVNZ’s General Manager of Acquisitions, Production and Commissioning, Andrew Shaw:

On local content:

“It’s easy to give it a one line description of local content, but it’s an awful lot harder to execute it to a standard that the audience expects. The beauty of original television is that if you get it right your audience rewards you with loyalty, regular viewing and engagement. Get it wrong and the opposite applies. We are blessed to have a tremendous local production community who make really compelling New Zealand content, and across the widest possible genres. We’ve got tremendous children’s dramas that will be coming to the screen in the next year, adult drama, reality observation, documentary, entertainment, one-off films and the like. There are fewer companies than there were but the 80/20 rule applies in any industry. And the companies that have configured themselves so they’ve got resources for development, vertical integration overseas, or have a strong sales history and are successfully exporting content, they’re doing well and it’s great to be in business with them.”

On ratings:

“My perspective is that there will have to be a lot of change in the measurement system in the next five years. If you think about what we now look at, whether it’s live, delayed, recorded or through various sites, there’s a great deal we don’t know about who and how they’re using media and those are questions the industry will have to ask. But we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a good mystery.”

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andrew-shaw-emmersonRace Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy, has called comments by TVNZ’s General Manager of Commissioning, Acquisitions and Productions, Andrew Shaw, “disappointing and unhelpful”.

Devoy spoke to Pacific Eye Witness and said

“Auckland’s diversity is something to be celebrated by all of us. The Pacific community is an important part of what makes Auckland such a rich and vibrant city.”

The online publication has spoken to the Human Rights Commission but was told that they can only respond if people make a formal complaint.

If you wish to make a formal complaint about this TVNZ incident with Andrew Shaw “Polynesians” joke, you can write a letter of complaint to the Human Rights Commission and/or TVNZ directly: Continue reading »

Sean Plunket and TV writer/producer Jodie Molloy recently put the boot into TVNZ’s arrogance over Andrew Shaw’s racist comments at their 2014 new season launch and suggest TVNZ’s response was nothing more than Nero Syndrome.

This is Nero Syndrome isn’t it?  When the emperor says something and all those that have some stake in the emperor’s holding applaud and say “That was brilliant.  Ho, ho, ho.. give us more”. And Nero believes it, and that’s the thing.

Jodie wasn’t impressed at all with Andrew Shaw’s racist attempt at humour which resulted in Plunket questioning whether that was smart considering she may have to sit down with him one day and pitch for employment.  She admitted that if she saw him, she’d tell him that she didn’t think it was that funny but also that it probably wouldn’t be smart to suggest that the emperor has a weak comedy bone.  I can’t imagine Emperor Andy forgetting that in a hurry.

stop-the-racism-tvnzLabour MP for Mangere, Su’a William Sio has started a campaign to stop the racism at TVNZ after the comments Andrew Shaw made at the 2014 new season launch last week.

Sio wrote on Facebook:

When you have as this article points out, “A senior TVNZ executive has labelled Auckland a s*#@ hole while joking about the city’s large Polynesian population” my blood boils. I find it offensive to have a Senior Executive of a taxpayer funded Television station reflect this attitude, as I suspect it reflects an institutional racism that lurks beneath the skin of this so called Senior Executive who found an audience to reveal it to. Were the audience laughing in embarrassment, or was it a pakeha dominated senior executive audience? In this day and age, to joke about Polynesian as if to promote a negative stereotypical attitude again I find it offensive as it reveals something about this kind of NZer.

At the time, TVNZ communications manager Megan Richards suggested that the only person who had been offended in an audience of 1000 people was me and that they were surprised that anyone might find the comments offensive at all.  Now they’ve responded to the Polynesian news site, claiming they’re horrified that a joke about race was interpreted as being racist. Continue reading »


This was in Friday’s paper but wasn’t in the online version.

TVNZ_buildingTVNZ has rushed to defend one of their executives after we published comments made during his speech at their new season launch on Wednesday night.

TVNZ communications manager Megan Richards said: “We’ve spoken to many people who attended last night and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and for many, Andrew’s presentation was a highlight of the evening. There was no indication anyone was offended and the subsequent questions [yesterday] came as a surprise.

“Andrew had no intention to cause offence and unreservedly apologises to anyone who may have been offended at the event or subsequently.” Continue reading »

Of course, Paul Henry wasn’t in management.

Delegates from Fox were in attendance at TVNZ’s new season launch last night as the state broadcaster attempts to woo them into an output deal and were treated to some good ol’ fashioned racism by TVNZ’s General Manager of Commissioning, Production and Acquisitions, Andrew Shaw.

Shaw danced his way onto stage in his typical high energy fashion and could easily have been mistaken for one of the geriatric auditionees from New Zealand’s Got Talent before embarking on his impassioned speech about what was to come from TVNZ in 2014.

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