Animal Cops Phoenix

ANIMAL PLANET – Fridays from 3 July, 9.30pm

Deep in the Sonoran desert lays Phoenix, Arizona, a city of newcomers growing to become America’s fifth largest city. However, the growing number of people results in a growing number of pets, and protecting their interests is the Arizona Humane Society (AHS). Animal Cops Phoenix follows the work of the AHS Investigators and Emergency Animal Medical Technicians, bringing a compelling mix of police style investigation with medical emergency rescue. The field team is backed up by a fully staffed and equipped hospital, and an adoptions team dedicated to providing the rescued animals stories with the happy endings everyone is striving for. Over the series we get to know the cast of characters well, and share the highs and lows of their working life. They are each very different but are united by their love of animals and their desire to step in and help.