Animal Rescue

8:00pm Wednesday, August 15 on TV One

Animal Rescue features the tough daily assignments and high pressure work faced by the RSPCA’s Inspectorate and veterinary staff; men and women who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty across Australia.

In tonight’s season finale, a kitten foraging for food inside a skip bin gets stuck in a drainage hole after a dump truck emptied the bin. Rescue Officer Tracey must work out a way to free the kitten without causing it even more distress.

Then, three sheep have been on the run since they escaped from the abattoir, but now they suffer from infection due to overgrown fleeces and will die unless the RSPCA can round them up. Despite their heavy load, the sheep are surprisingly mobile, seasoned escape artists.

And inspectors discovers two anaemic puppies whose lives are threatened by a plague of fleas and ticks.

8:00pm Wednesday, June 13 on TV One

Animal Rescue features the tough daily assignments and high pressure work faced by the RSPCA’s Inspectorate and veterinary staff; men and women who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty across Australia.

Tonight, a property on the edge of the Australian desert is overrun with sick cats. With an outbreak of disease imminent, the RSPCA must take urgent action.

A miniature pony named Goldie is caught in the crossfire between two possible owners. Suffering from hoof laminitis, the Animal Rescue team must determine which owner is responsible for this neglect and get Goldie treated.

And, a Maltese terrier imprisoned by ten kilos of its own matted and knotted hair is seized from a suburban backyard.

8:00pm Wednesday, April 18 on TV One

Animal Rescue returns for 2012 with new episodes, featuring the tough daily assignments and high pressure work faced by the RSPCA’s Inspectorate and veterinary staff; men and women who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty.

Tonight, a cat hoarder’s house is overrun with sick and hungry cats. Inspectors confront the repeat offender, but is it too late to save the animals?

8:00pm Wednesday, February 15 on TV One

The ever-popular SPCA Animal Rescue returns with all-new stories about the brave and tireless work of the SPCA to save animals from abuse, neglect, abandonment and hard times.

Focusing on the work of the “animal police” – inspectors on the road tackling animal cruelty and seeking justice for victims, the series is filmed mostly at the Auckland SPCA, which handles almost 3000 complaints about animals in trouble each year.

While most animal stories begin with the inspectorate or field officers, SPCA Animal Rescue also showcases the work of vet staff, animal handlers and SPCA volunteers as they try to nurse them back to recovery. All go beyond the call of duty to give so many unwanted and unloved animals a chance at a new life.

One of the stories in this series is about a dog, Diesel, who breaks an unfortunate record – by becoming the dog to spend the longest time in the adoption modules. Others include the mystery of thousands of exotic birds falling from the sky; the challenging rescue of a kitten stuck down a stormwater drain; and attempts to save a puppy shot three times.

Tonight, inspectors get tough with a hoarder who refuses to let them check her animals; a pregnant dachshund needs emergency surgery; and a field officer goes on a wild goose chase to save a wounded bird.

Missed an episode of SPCA Animal Rescue? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

What can we expect from TV One in 2011?  Well, it appears as though the experiment of 2010 has been done away with and the edginess has gone and it’s returned to solid 25-54 programming.

Check out the trailers below.  Unfortunately, the kiwi shows don’t have trailers on YouTube, yet (nudge, nudge, wink, wink @TV2Boy!).

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Animal Rescue
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Wednesday 18 February, 8pm

Animal Rescue returns for a second series, documenting the work of Australia’s animal protection officers, inspectors and vets who work tirelessly to fight cruelty to animals.

Shot in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, viewers will see RSPCA inspectors make more extraordinary rescues – from a cat stuck in a concrete wall and a dog stranded in a house fire, to an abandoned racehorse and an injured goose.

It’s a sometimes emotional journey for the inspectors as they confront cases of horror and heartbreak during their job to rescue the neglected animals of Australia – a country with one of the highest pet populations per capita in the world.

Animal Rescue is presented and narrated by Anthony Field – also known as ‘the blue Wiggle’.

Wednesday 4 June, 8.00pm

Animal Rescue is an observational documentary series featuring the tough daily assignments and high-pressure work faced by the RSPCA’s staff in Australia.

It’s a fierce and sometimes emotional journey for the inspectors and veterinarians as they rescue the lost, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals of Australia.
Over 130,000 animals each year are given shelter at one of the many branches of the RSPCA. Many are rescued by the inspectors, some are surrendered, and others are brought to their clinics by one of the many Animal Ambulances that support the main branch offices.

In Animal Rescue the audience will witness some extraordinary rescues – from a cow in a river, to a wounded pelican shot by an arrow and many cats and dogs who’ve become hurt or been left without adequate care.

In the season premiere, a boxer dog has been surviving in a storm water canal for several weeks. Despite surviving only on scraps from strangers, the dog still has enough energy to dodge RSPCA inspectors in their attempts to catch him. Also, a horse that has fallen in a muddy ditch is too old and weak to free itself, and its young owner Kirby is distraught. Inspector Laurie and a team of volunteers employ the use of a crane in the rescue.