Antarctic Encounters



World premiere footage of the retrieval of the world’s largest colossal squid

Saturday, August 4th at 5pm

Producer Graeme Sinclair brings you tales from the deep, deep south when Antarctic Encounters screens on Saturday, August 4th at 5pm on 3.

Antarctic Encounters is an up close and personal look at life aboard a New Zealand fishing company vessel in Antarctica’s Ross Sea. It follows John and Sue Bennett, a couple who spend their summer in the midst of icebergs – not everyone’s cup of tea!

This documentary follows John, Sue and the rest of the crew aboard the San Aspiring on their voyage to fish for Antarctic toothfish. We watch on as the voyage sees the introduction of a new crew member when the team manages to retrieve the largest colossal squid the world has ever seen.

This voyage takes place in the literally endless summer days of Antarctica’s Ross Sea. With a sun that refuses to set, the crew work tirelessly to bring in their share of the toothfish quota. But when the world’s largest colossal squid refuses to let go of the toothfish it is feeding on, it is hauled on board the San Aspiring.

In a world television first, the footage of this amazing retrieval is screened on Antarctic Encounters.

As Sinclair says, “I for one could not imagine a worse fate than being devoured by a 10 metre colossal squid.”

However, don’t be fooled into thinking this documentary is only about this giant squid. The story regarding the toothfish fishing in the Ross Seas is intriguing in itself; the squid has just pushed its way onto centre stage.

Tune in to Antarctic Encounters on Saturday, August 4th at 5pm on 3.