Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

FOOD TELEVISION – Sundays from 20 November, 7.30pm

Join Anthony Bourdain as he circumnavigates the globe on his conquest to discover the cities, villages and countries that provide life’s truest surprises. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations dives head first into life’s colourful and rich pageant with Anthony encountering the weird, wild and downright outrageous personalities and places that help define the international cultural landscape. Whether it’s eating the raw eyeball off a bloody seal carcass on a kitchen floor, flying through the treetops of Vancouver on a zip-line, or hunting for lizards in the desert of Saudi Arabia, Anthony Bourdain refuses to yield to middle age or tar-stained lungs when adventure comes calling. In the world of a cook, an understanding and appreciation of how others eat is akin to discovering secret societies and cryptic subcultures. As always, the food is only the first glimpse of a wider view of how people live their lives in faraway lands and unfamiliar territories.