Antiques Roadshow

7:30pm Saturday, August 25 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Fiona Bruce and the team head to Brighton where large crowds have unearthed their family treasures for valuation. Amongst the pieces under the experts’ eyes are a Trafalgar medal awarded to a boy sailor who witnessed the epic battle in 1805 at the tender age of thirteen, one of the largest, rarest and most valuable pieces of Clarice Cliff pottery ever seen on the programme, plus a small silver box gifted by President John F Kennedy to a family shortly before his tragic death.

7:30pm Saturday, August 18 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


Fiona Bruce and the team continue their tour in search of treasures. This week they disembark at the Steam Museum in Swindon where objects attracting the expert eye include one of the rarest pieces of silver even seen on the show, a valuable painting once destined for a skip, and a small ring holds a big surprise for one owner. Fans of bizarre collections will also enjoy some choice pickings, including uneaten slices of royal wedding cakes dating back from Queen Victoria’s day, plus hundreds of rail tickets bought for stations all closed by Beeching in the 1960’s.

LIVING – Saturdays from 16 June, 7.30pm

A British and international treasure, Antiques Roadshow has been thrilling the public for more than 30 years, attracting large crowds intent on finding out what their possessions are worth. This time around, the team of specialists encounter objects from all over the world. With its fascinating tales and air of anticipation as owners and viewers wait to hear whether a piece is about to be revealed as a priceless find or a valueless dud, it’s easy to see why the series has become such a television institution.

7:35pm Sunday, February 12 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

The team head east for a busy day in Suffolk at Somerleyton Hall near Lowestoft. As ever, there’s a fascinating array of objects and stories under scrutiny, including a picture painted by a suffragette artist who had arsonist tendencies, a bracelet given to Queen Victoria by Albert on the birth of Princess Louise in 1848, and a tantalising box of paints claims to have been once owned by John Constable. Find out what the experts think as they start to unravel the mysteries.

7:35pm Sunday, February 5 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Fiona Bruce and the team are back for a second visit to Beverley Minster in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Hundreds of visitors pack the nave eager to see the experts. Amongst the objects caught on camera are a pair of valuable medical leech jars once used to bleed patients, a curious sideboard that hides secret drawers that took the owners thirty years to find, and a ring with a locket containing the hair of Napoleon Bonaparte.

7:35pm Sunday, January 29 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

The first in a brand new series finds Fiona Bruce and the team of experts at Beverley Minster in Yorkshire. Pieces under scrutiny include a valuable medieval ring dug up on a farm, two Victorian paintings given in exchange for a gambling debt, and a car rescued from a pig farm’s outbuilding turns out to be a former rally winner once driven by Stirling Moss.

7:35pm Sunday, January 22 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

In a special edition, Fiona Bruce and the experts look back at some of the most talked about finds, with updated stories on what has happened to the pieces since first being aired. Amongst the highlights is one of the most dramatic and valuable discoveries ever made on Antiques Roadshow.

7:35pm Sunday, January 15 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

In this episode the team make a second visit to the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. Objects under scrutiny include one of the rarest groups of medals to be seen at a Roadshow, a Lalique figure found under a hotel bed by a chambermaid, plus Fiona Bruce discovers it’s true that when waiting for a bus, three can turn up at once.

7:30pm Sunday, January 8 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Fiona Bruce and the team set up for a busy day at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London. Objects intriguing the experts include the effects of Queen Mary’s personal bodyguard, a Victorian toilet described as the owner’s “pride and joy”, plus the arrival of a painting of a female spy from World War One triggers the discovery of an important work of art.

7:30pm Sunday, January 1 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Tonight it’s a return visit to Chester Cathedral as Fiona and the team reveal previously unscreened finds. Objects under scrutiny include a sheriff’s ring of office, a collection of hand-carved wooden shoes, and a painting left lying under a bed for many years brings the house down.