Antiques Roadshow

LIVING – Saturdays from 5 March, 7.30pm

Antiques Roadshow returns with another series that sets out to reveal those valuable, and not-quite-so-valuable, antiques tucked away at the back of the cupboard. As well as the antiques and their history, the series reveals remarkable human interest stories which emerge as the owners explain how the articles came into their possession.

7:30pm Sunday, February 6 on Prime


The team heads to Wales tonight as Fiona Bruce and the experts arrive at Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire. Despite the rain that welcomes them, there’s a deluge of treasures including valuable illustrations found abandoned in a loft, a poignant remnant from the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade, and we see one of the most valuable plates ever seen at a Roadshow.

7:30pm Sunday, January 30 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the experts return to Brooklands Motor Racing and Aviation Museum near Weybridge for another busy day of valuations. Interesting objects tonight include a rare and highly valuable stirrup cup.

7:30pm Sunday, January 23 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the team are at full throttle as they arrive at Brooklands Motor Racing and Aviation Museum near Weybridge in Surrey. Thousands flock to the paddocks where the experts are on duty. Amongst the objects exciting their interest are a risqu� bust found abandoned in a garden, rare artefacts recording the Bluebird attempts to break world speed records, an old chest given away on the internet and valuable aboriginal tools.

7:30pm Sunday, January 16 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the team set sail for the Channel Islands tonight where the people of Guernsey give them a warm welcome at Saumarez Park. Objects intriguing the experts include a piece of furniture used as target practice by the Germans during the occupation of the island, a giant sapphire once owned by a Maharajah, and a single bank note that turns out to be worth a fortune. Now where’s my wallet?

7:30pm Sunday, January 2 on Prime


Tonight Fiona Bruce and the team visit Burghley House near Stamford in Lincolnshire to inspect more antiques that may make their owners very happy, or equally very disappointed. Objects exciting the experts include a valuable Lalique figure bought in a junk shop for under a pound!

7:30pm Sunday, November 28 on Prime


Tonight we return to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes with Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team of specialists. Pieces under examination include an ornate vase rescued at the last minute from the dishwasher, a teddy bear with a secret story and a surprise valuation, plus a stunning art deco brooch brings the house down!

7:30pm Sunday, November 21 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the team of experts welcome thousands to Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes, home of the Enigma code breaking team in World War Two. Objects under scrutiny include a pair of important and valuable candlesticks, pieces rescued from the golden age of British liners, and intriguing evidence of early encounters with the Beatles. Plus there’s a surprise visit from an airborne visitor.

7:30pm Sunday, November 14 on Prime


Tonight Fiona Bruce and the experts are in County Durham for a visit to Bowes Museum. Objects under scrutiny here include a silver box given in thanks when troops liberated the Netherlands in World War Two, some of the most valuable chairs seen on the show, and a bust reputed to be cursed.

7:30pm Sunday, November 7 on Prime


Tonight Fiona Bruce and the experts are back for a second visit to Lincoln Cathedral. Cameras roll as the team get excited about a Chinese picture bought for a song, a Georgian dining table with a stunning valuation, and a collection of early TV implements first used to screen the Queen’s Coronation.