Antiques Roadshow

7:30pm Sunday, October 31 on Prime


A huge turnout of visitors awaits Fiona Bruce and the team at Lincoln Cathedral on tonight’s Antiques Roadshow. Objects under scrutiny include a gruesome surgeons set of tools from the 1860s, a plate hidden for years in a cupboard providing its owner with a big surprise, plus we meet a visitor on a quest to recover his grandfather’s paintings.

7:30pm Sunday, October 24 on Prime


It’s every person’s dream to one day realise that the heirloom vase that’s adorned your bookcase for years could in fact be your ticket out of debt! We can all dare to dream, but for others this is a reality, and now we can indulge once again in our guilty pleasure (sharing in the high value shocks and epic let- downs) with all new episodes of Antiques Roadshow. Tonight Fiona Bruce and the team head for the beautiful Tamar Valley in Devon and weigh anchor at Morwellham Quay. Objects fascinating the experts include an ugly brown jug with a handsome valuation, a stunning and rare silver salver, and a long case clock arrives in unexpected fashion!

7:30pm Monday, August 2 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the team return with a second helping from a recent visit to Hertford College, Oxford tonight. Objects under the cameras include a bracelet once worn by a princess with a tragic story; expensive ceramics bought for a song at a boot sale; and a rare document recording the end of hostilities in the First World War. Plus, one of the experts shows his hand as an accomplished amateur potter.

7:30pm Monday, July 26 on Prime

Blackpool 2

Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team return for a second visit to the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool tonight. Objects examined by the experts include one of the earliest prayer books seen on the programme and a valuable pair of duelling pistols, while the original Teddy from Watch with Mother makes a surprise appearance.

7:30pm Monday, July 19 on Prime


Fiona Bruce takes the team to the Lancashire coast for a busy day in the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom tonight. Objects under discussion include a Bible containing handwritten extracts from Charlotte Bronte; powerful images drawn under fire by a war artist; and a boot sale brooch that makes the owner want to scream with delight when she hears the valuation!

7:30pm Monday, July 12 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the team travel to Samares Manor in Jersey tonight where an international flavour soon sets in, with objects from Japan, South Africa, Egypt, America and France under the experts’ scrutiny. There is excitement as they uncover one of the most valuable watches ever seen on the show, along with the bizarre find of Marilyn Monroe’s lemon squeezer! There is also a first for the programme when a forensic test is performed live on camera to prove the worth of a valuable gold bangle.

7:30pm Monday, July 5 on Prime


Fiona Bruce and the team choose their favourite moments of the series and give updates on some of the star items valued. This includes the moment when a one-pound boot sale buy became the best investment in Roadshow history, with footage from the exciting auction!

7:30pm Monday, June 28 on Prime

Lifestyle series

Fiona Bruce and the team head to Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk tonight. And despite the wet weather, there are plenty of exciting finds, including a 300-year-old treasure box stuffed with surprises and precious family objects honouring the men of the Pathfinder squadron in the Second World War. Plus a set of discarded posters bring the house down with a staggering valuation!

7:30pm Monday, June 21 on Prime


All new episodes

Fiona Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team return to the Spa Royal Hall in Bridlington tonight to value more items brought along by members of the public. Among the objects intriguing the experts are artefacts of HMS Falcon excavated from the sea bed, and a set of rare buttons commemorating the Battle of Quebec in 1759. There is also a first-hand account of life as a Japanese prisoner of war!

7:30pm Monday, June 14 on Prime


Want to know once and for all if that obscure white vase sitting on your mantle gathering dust is worthless or an instant home deposit? Now’s your chance! Our favourite guilty pleasure is back with all new episodes! Tonight Fiona Bruce and her team return to Dulwich Picture Gallery in South London to uncover more intriguing heirlooms, including an early illustration by madcap artist Heath Robinson. There is also a mysterious set of rare and valuable miniatures found on a bus, and a book returned after a 50-year loan turns out to be worth a small fortune!