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Jacob is sceptical when a young Muslim called Zaid claims he has been seeing visions of the Virgin Mary. Jacob believes it is Satan playing tricks on him and his concerns increase when the visions become more sinister and the boy claims to have been shown images of his father suffering the torments of hell.

Meanwhile, in her search for the truth about Michael, Sister Ruth visits Vincenzo in prison. Vincenzo confirms that although Michael was the innocent vessel, he was responsible for Vimal’s death. When Jacob refuses to involve the authorities, Sister Ruth takes her discovery to Bukovak. She is surprised when he too seems hesitant to contact the police, suggesting they need more evidence. Ruth’s suspicions are further aroused when she notices a photograph of a young Bukovak taken during his time in Medjugorje, the location of an alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary and Zaid’s family’s home in Bosnia.

Michael is feeling increasingly vulnerable after a visitation by a demon pretending to be Jacob who leaves a gun for him. Michael gives Jacob the weapon and Jacob makes him promise to stay at the seminary. When Zaid’s brother seems to recognise Michael, Jacob realises that their fates are intertwined and that this may be the key to unlocking Michael’s past.

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Jacob is called to an abortion clinic, where he discovers a pregnant girl possessed by unborn demons. With the prophecy from his night in prison in mind, he tries to perform an exorcism in the operating theatre. Meanwhile, a disabled rights campaigner, with whom Michael served in Bosnia, informs him that Satan wants him back.

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Jacob is called to a prison when a serial rapist named Cory begins to exhibit signs of possession. He is astonished to find that Cory seems to be possessed by the Patron Saint of Rape Victims who chose to die rather than lose her virginity. Sister Ruth learns of Jacob’s activities and informs Bukovak. She is equally disturbed by the presence of Michael who, having lost his memory, is now residing in the seminary.

The roots of Cory’s possession are proving difficult to untangle. Jacob decides to spend a night in Cory’s cell, accompanied by the prison chaplain Daniel, to see if the devil or saint will reveal itself. That night Daniel receives a frightening apparition: a demon in the form of a young girl warns him of a pregnancy that will give rise to a Satanic Annunciation.

When Cory escapes from prison, will Jacob be able to reach him before he claims another victim?

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Jacob is left reeling when he is approached by a homeless man named Michael who confesses to Vimal’s murder. Jacob knows the crime is the work of the devil and resists passing this information onto the police. He tracks Michael down himself, determined to save his soul. However the demon openly taunts him stating that it is Jacob that needs to be exorcised.

The pressure starts to mount on Jacob as the detective in charge of the Vimal investigation begins to suspect that Jacob knows more than he is letting on. But Jacob ploughs on regardless enlisting the help of the recently exorcised Liam. They receive a Bible from Michael made out of Vimal’s skin with bloody fingerprints highlighting various anti-Semitic passages. Before they can unravel this mystery Sister Anne is killed while taking a shower and Monsignor Vincenzo is left hospitalised after being injected with acid. Both crimes are reminiscent of the holocaust. When they finally find a lamp made out of Vimal’s skin the devil’s message has become clear: the plight of the damned is comparable to the Holocaust and God is a despot worse than Hitler.

Will Father Jacob be able to exorcise the demon within Michael or will this dark force be too powerful to overcome?

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Father Jacob, Vatican Saint-maker, miracle detective and exorcist, is on a mission: to defeat Satan before the end of the world. The stakes really are that high, as the Devil tightens his grip.

For the maverick Jacob, played by award-winning star Martin Shaw (The Professionals, Judge John Deed), the job’s getting busier by the week. Claims of apparitions, possessions, signs of the Saints and the miracles of God are on the up. For some, this is proof the struggle with Satan is intensifying and Armageddon is approaching fast. For others, it’s merely an indication the Catholic Church is increasingly vulnerable to the whims of the deranged and deceitful…

Investigating the truth, confronting the sceptics as well as pure evil, takes a priest of extraordinary integrity, intelligence, compassion and guts but – above all – faith. Father Jacob is such a priest: a man whose convictions enables and emboldens him to confront the controversial, to present the truth in all its forms, wherever that leads him. And, with Jacob forced to face his own hidden demons, we follow him deep into that heart of darkness: witnessing, as he does, the most startling acts of satanic and saintly behaviour.

Written and directed by the electrifying Joe Ahearne (Perfect Parents, Dr Who), Apparitions confronts us with as many questions as answers, taking us on a challenging, often terrifying but ultimately life-affirming journey of white knuckle supernatural mystery and intrigue.

EPISODE ONE: Ten-year-old Donna comes to the seminary convinced that her father Liam is possessed by the devil. After listening to her tale, Jacob thinks it’s more likely that her fears are the product of an over-active imagination. He needs proof before he can act. Jacob regrets his initial reluctance when it becomes clear to him that Liam is possessed by an unclean spirit.