Arts Channel

ARTS CHANNEL – Friday 2 January, 8.30pm

A fascinating documentary profiling Granada’s phenomenally successful adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited. The ultimate introduction to a series that remains a firm favourite with viewers across the world, this exclusive programme includes in-depth interviews with the stars of the series including Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews and Diana Quick along with follow cast members Jane Asher and Nicholas Grace. Examining the novel and the series, cultural commentators such as Gore Vidal, Peter York, Paul Morley, Tina Brown and Cristina Odone contribute their own particular views about the Brideshead phenomena.

ARTS CHANNEL –Thursday 1 January, 9.30pm

Robert Lovett, a painter for 57 years, seeks out the unusual, the spectacular and the colourful. Watch over his shoulder as he paints. You will be entertained on a wonderful journey to ancient cities and forts and colourful festivals, an insight in to the simple way of life of the desert people of Rajasthan. Visit the tropical south of Kerala and experience the exotic Kathakali dancers as Robert paints to the drum beats. You will be enthralled to watch as he paints his stunning water colours, exposing the character of a diverse and colourful country.

Ep 2: China screens Thursday 8 January, 9.30pm

ARTS CHANNEL – Every Thursday & Friday from 1 January, 8.00pm

Frank Clarke was born in Dublin, Ireland. It was after retiring early from a career that included dress designing and property development that he decided to take up painting as a hobby. He joined a painting group where he felt intimidated and inferior. After six weeks he quit the group because he was told that he did not have the gift. But he was not one to be easily put off. Whether or not he had the gift he was to pursue his hobby. It was then that he made a most unusual discovery: “No one was prepared to show him the basics of painting.” Having read every art instruction book he could get his hands on Frank came to the conclusion that they all seemed to start at Chapter 4 making the assumption that he had some prior knowledge of painting which of course he did not . It was then that Frank decided to write these missing chapters and it worked ….Simply Painting was born. 26 episodes have been bought, following Frank as he paints on location through France and Ireland.

ARTS CHANNEL – Tuesday 30 December, 8.30pm

Roxana is the first ever film adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s extraordinary 17th century novel exploring the world of an ambitious, modern day courtesan. Transposed into a 20th century setting, this sumptuous production stylishly integrates music, dance and drama to highlight the complex relationship between material ambition and sexuality. Beginning in the colourful and exotic world of the nightclub era of the late 1950s, and winding its way into the psychedelic costumes and settings of the 1960s, and stars many of the leading performers in the film and dance worlds, including Greta Hodgkinson, Rex Harrington, Christopher Body and Sheila McCarthy.

ARTS CHANNEL – Monday 29 December, 8.00pm

In the Imperial Palace of Peking, the Emperor announces that any prince seeking to marry his daughter Turandot must first answer three riddles. Prince Calaf falls immediately in love with Turandot and successfully answers all three riddles. However before the Prince marries Turandot, he asks her a riddle of his own.

Featuring: Ealynn Voss, Amanda Thane, Kenneth Collins, Donald Shanks, The Australian Opera Chorus, State Orchestra Of Victoria

Conductor: Carlo Felice Cillario

Director: Graeme Murphy

Produced For Television In Association With The ABC, 1991.

“It was one of those meetings of great minds that you dream about, when the music and drama of the piece are reborn through the interpretative genius of an exceptional director.” The Australian

“Let there be no equivocation, dramatically this Turandot is one of the supreme creations in The Australian Opera’s history.” The Sunday Herald-Sun

ARTS CHANNEL – Sunday 28 December, 9.00pm

The world-famous church of San Marco in Venice offers the perfect scenery for Giuseppe Verdi´s Messa da Requiem. The four soloists, Norma Fantini (Soprano), Anna Smirnova (Mezzo), Fabio Sartori (Tenor) and Rafal Siwek (Bass) are accompanied by the energetic Symphonica Toscanini, an orchestra composed of young, mostly Italian musicians who are led by New York Philharmonic music director Lorin Maazel. International press reviews for Maazel and the orchestra:

“Too perfect to be real” (La Provincia di Como, Italy)

“With Symphonica Toscanini, you can hear the enthusiasm, the passion of the musicians.” (Los Angeles Times, USA)

“Hunger and ambition are not bad things in a young orchestra; this one is worth hearing.” (The New York Times).

ARTS CHANNEL – Sunday 28 December, 8.00pm

The Ensemble intercontemporain was formed in 1976 by Pierre Boulez. It was conceived as a group of 31 soloists, who could play orchestral literature or literature for any combination of instruments. At first, the idea was for the ensemble to be more flexible than an orchestra, allowing composers to write for a more restricted group of instruments. This model has become quite prevalent in contemporary classical music for a variety of reasons, including the financial difficulties of orchestras in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and the increased responsibility that the smaller ensemble placed upon each player. Many works that might have been conceived for orchestra are now being written with this instrumentation in mind. For example, Tristan Murail’s Désintégrations, Helmut Lachenmann’s ”…zwei Gefühle…”, Musik mit Leonardo, and Pierre Boulez’s Répons, are all pieces that are somewhat orchestral in their depth of color, but have been written for smaller, less traditional ensembles.

ARTS CHANNEL – Friday 26 December, 8.00pm

Traditional Jazz has never been associated with Europe. Miles, Dizzy and Charlie Parker stand for the great era in Jazz, but who knows Miroslav Vitous, Pierre Michelot, Krzysztof Komeda, Palle Mikkelborg, Tomasz Stanko, or René Urtreger? „Play Your Own Thing“ is a tribute to these champion performers, who, after World War II, were infected by the Jazz „virus“ from overseas, but were able to create paths of their own. Containing myriad distinctive qualities traditional to each country and their musical heritage, they invented a totally new form of musical expression, a sort of European identity in Jazz. These artists became true musical pioneers, opening the door for the so-called European avant-garde up until today. „Play Your Own Thing“ traces back through the encounters and musical interchanges of cultures, which are different, but have always nourished each other. The film describes musically, visually, spiritually, but never theoretically the development process of Jazz in Europe with its emancipation and expertise, its freedom and individualism, the development of numerous styles and variations, the specifically European influences and the productive differences with American ways of playing from the beginning of the Jazz Age up until today. „Play Your Own Thing“ approaches for the first time the shiny and complex whole of European Jazz and shows that its history is not much shorter than the one of American Jazz, yet its variety is much wider. The film draws the unique portrait of this kind of music, which sounds different whether you are in Spain or Poland, Norway or Italy. It is influenced by the history of mind, mentality, politics, but also by shades of light and native music – a triumph of Individualism, a thing by itself.

ARTS CHANNEL – Thursday 25 December, 9.00pm

Lesley Garrett is famous for a soprano voice of lightness and agility combined with unusually clear diction – and for her mission to bring classical music to the people. A festive concert with an international flavour, this programme sees Lesley Garrett, José Cura and Sibongile Khumalo sing a variety of gentle seasonal music that hails from everywhere from Argentina to South Africa, Austria to New York.

ARTS CHANNEL – Tuesday 23 December, 8.30pm

Chekoslovakia fairy tale. Two witches (mother and daughter) cause the sun to rise no more. The sun fairy who demands retribution of the King saying his daughter the princess will marry no noble but a poor shoemaker from the local village unless he rights the wrong. But then the Princess falls in love with the shoemaker…