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Rod Cheeseman is to host a new sports show on TVNZ, reports the Herald on Sunday.

There’s speculation in the Herald on Sunday that ad slots during Sunrise and ASB Business were sold for as low as $150.

Sunday News‘ cartoon has Paul Henry portrayed as a crocodile saying: “The TV3 Sunrise show has been canned?  I’m very sorry to hear that, they were such a talented group!  Right up there with the tart with the mo’ and the retard..”

View has a Top 10 list for things Oliver Driver can do now he’s been sacked from Sunrise including begging for his old Nurse Mike Galloway role on Shortland Street and fronting a niche TV arts show that still rates higher than Sunrise.

After months of speculation, TV3 has cancelled both Sunrise and ASB Business, a decision that is effective immediately with both shows airing for the last time this morning.

“We have not taken this decision lightly, and it has been the subject of a lot of debate and discussion at both a Board and Management level – ultimately it has been the Board’s decision,” said MediaWorks TV Executive Director, Ian Audsley.

“Unfortunately this decision results in at least 20 redundancies across the Television business and that is the toughest aspect for all of us at TV3. We are, however, able to offer redeployment in some cases.

“Despite the terrific work of the people involved and the commitment of everyone at TV3, we’ve not been able to make these programmes work financially. Today’s announcement is not a reflection on the calibre of the people involved in the production of the programmes. They’re as good and capable a team as any I’ve seen anywhere,” Mr Audsley said.

News as to what will be replacing the two shows will be confirmed shortly

ABS Business’ Michael Wilson is interviewed on his book tastes in today’s Herald on Sunday.

His favourite book is “The Magic Christian”.  He’s currently reading “Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth” and would like to read “The Reluctant Fundamentalist“.

Changes are being made for TV3’s early morning line-up.

Not only has James Coleman just resigned, but also Sunrise is being moved from 7-9am, and a new show, ASB Business hosted by Michael Wilson will screen from 6:30-7.

Close Of Business For Wilson & TVNZ. Expansion in the Finance News Market.

Veteran Business Broadcaster Michael Wilson finished his 10 year tenure on TVNZ’s ASB Business this morning. The final goodbye – rather unceremonious and with little fanfare.

The presenter took planned annual leave, but TVNZ representatives say it’s unclear if Wilson will return to the Finance desk for a last stint before he moves over to TV3.
Given TV3’s Sunrise begins in under two weeks, and the network’s formally acknowledged Wilson’s resignation, it’s and unlikely- if not awkward prospect.

In a bizarre sort of goodbye from breakfast co-hosts Paul Henry and Pippa Wetzel (bizarre being synonymous with Henry in recent times) the presenter signed off.
Perhaps the state broadcaster was seeking a quick and clean break, and most would argue they achieved it – although you couldn’t help but think a gift card and a few chockies wouldn’t have gone astray.

TVNZ spokesperson Rachel Lorimer says Wilson’s position will be advertised this Friday, but it’s been widely speculated that this is simply a formality and current Business Correspondent Owen Poland will be awarded the role.

Perhaps a fitting time for Poland to step into the role, Monday sees the introduction of ASB Business under the new banner “Breakfast business” (in other words- ASB Business without ASB’s business.) The program will screen at the slightly earlier timeslot of 6 A.M.

With just two weeks till TV3’s new entrant ‘Sunrise’ jumps into the fray it’s hard to imagine Wilson featuring in the shows debut, but this is Television and stranger things have happened.

When Wilson does jump into the TV3 Pool it’s likely to be in a luke warm reception. He won’t be presenting an entire program, rather news updates throughout the morning.

So, with both Channels offering an insight into the business days movers and shakers it seems only appropriate to ask ‘Who’s your money on?’

First a little background on the two contenders.


  • graduated from Canterbury university with a diploma in journalism in 1989.
  • has worked for TVNZ since 1989 as a news and current affairs reporter and presenter.
  • became the host of ASB Business upon the programs inception in 1997.
  • worked for worked for various media agencies including Radio New Zealand, National Business Review, Horizon Pacific Regional Television and Channel 10 in Australia.

  • Is instantly recognizable by most New Zealander’s as a seasoned broadcaster and all round nice guy. (Even if the only words they’ve ever heard him say were “Tomorrow on ASB Business”)


  • Has a degree in psychology from Waikato University and begun his broadcasting career 33 years ago as a radio journalist in Hamilton.
  • has been a business and economics reporter for the past 22 years.
  • Started his career at TV3 where he won the Qantas Prize for Best Television News Reporter / Business Editor.
  • Has a significantly lower profile and is seen as a more stern staple of New Zealand’s finance realm.

    In terms of formal education both hold similar qualifications. Each holds roughly twenty years of experience in New Zealand’s financial sector.

    So is it Wilson’s Winning Smile or Poland’s Stern Stammer that decides ‘Who your money’s on?’

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  • ASB Pulls Out, Campbell Live Nightmare Continues.

    ASB Business Changing Channels

    ASB Bank has pulled it’s sponsorship for the early morning business show on TVOne, after it was told a programming change meant the bulletin would screen half an hour earlier at 6 A.M.
    The move isn’t only unpopular with the show’s sponsor, veteran presenter Michael Wilson had expressed a concern for the continued success of the programme, and is following the sponsor to TV3’s new Sunrise programme.

    It’s a move that has further lowered the moral of TVNZ staff that claim they’re already over-worked after TVNZ’s breakfast lineup lost a host of reporters, and their sports presenter in a spate of redundancies earlier this year.

    When questioned about the presenter’s new role TV3 Head of News & Current Affairs Mark Jennings hinted there wouldn’t be a new morning business bulletin on the channel, but Wilson would likely present half hourly business updates.

    TVNZ head of News & Current Affairs Anthony Flannery was the first to acknowledge employees are moving between both network’s. With long time TV3 Reporter and Producer Cliff Joiner completing his stint at TV3 this weekend, he’ll move into a production role at the State Broadcaster. A reliable source has told it won’t be the last move of key staff from TV3 to move to TVNZ’s News & Current Affairs stable.

    Wilson takes with him his producer Erica Lloyd who resigned yesterday as well as former executive producer Liz Kirschberg.
    TV One’s Breakfast show will be moved to the earlier start time of 6:30 A.M. to ensure it’s competitive with new arrival Sunrise.

    Meanwhile things aren’t all rosy at TV3 either.

    A ratings nightmare continues to plague the Campbell Live show as it continues hemorrhaging money from the networks coffers.
    The 7:00 P.M. position is internationally acknowledged as a vital ratings timeslot but it’s become a disaster for the otherwise successful network, particularly for those in TV3’s target audience 18-49 year olds. The programme’s regularly beaten by TV1’s ‘Close-up’ TV2’s ‘Shortland St’ and seriously challenged by niche Network ‘C4’s’ Family Guy. Media commentators say its further cementing Campbell’s role as the ultimate Current Affairs Presenter for those who don’t watch Current Affairs. With sponsor’s pulling out and ratings failing to increase despite numerous changes of guard at the executive producers desk. One can only wonder how long TV3’s new owner the private equity firm Ironbridge capital will allow it to continue.

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    ASB Bank has pulled out of TV One’s ASB Business and is following veteran presenter Michael Wilson and news executives to TV3’s new breakfast show Sunrise.

    The ASB ended the sponsorship deal – believed to be worth $1 million – after TVNZ said it was moving the daily business programme from 6.30am to 6am.

    “It has been a very happy relationship for four and a half years but we are not sure how many people there will be watching at 6am,” said David Walden, chief executive of ASB advertising agency TBWA/Whybin.

    Wilson yesterday shook hands on the deal with TV3 after terse discussions with TVNZ head of news and current affairs Anthony Flannery.

    TV3 news and current affairs boss Mark Jennings said TV3’s Sunrise would not have its own dedicated business show but Wilson would present rolling business news segments sponsored by ASB Bank.

    Source: NZ Herald. Read more »

    Has anyone else been having trouble accessing the Business podcasts? The new items are appearing fine in my feedreader but clicking on any of them to listen or watch gives an error page like this or this.

    Update: Google searching found other people having the same problem as me.

    Returning Monday 22 January from 6am on One

    TV ONE’s ‘Breakfast’ and ‘ASB Business’ return to our screens on Monday January 22, 2007.

    Hosted by Paul Henry and Kay Gregory, ‘Breakfast’ kicks off the day with an in-depth look behind the headlines, highlights and analysis of overnight events, the latest entertainment and sports news, and interviews and information about the issues that affect New Zealanders.

    ‘Breakfast’ takes you around the country, reporting on the people and issues that make the news, while award-winning ONE News Correspondents bring you up to date with health and politics. In the studio Gregory and Henry interview the people behind the news, and Peter Williams presents regular ONE News updates to ‘Breakfast’ viewers. Rochelle Gillespie tells us what the day’s weather has in store and Stephen Stuart brings us the latest in sport.

    ‘ASB Business’ screens every weekday morning at 6.30am with host Michael Wilson bringing viewers the latest business news and analysis. The show provides a package of overseas market information, and the latest business and financial news from New Zealand. As well as the latest news, Michael Wilson goes behind the headlines to talk to New Zealand’s business leaders and newmakers live. Tune into TV ONE from 6am each weekday to start the day informed and entertained with ‘Breakfast’ and ‘ASB Business’.